Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bike ride today to Morong and Teresa - February 20, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 20, 2016

I rode to  Morong today, using my SARS Ultegra Bike at 7:15. The bike is equipped with 53 - 39 front chain ring and 12 to 28 cogs.  I was a little bit bothered by that since these are relative hard gears compared to MTB I rode.  I was in Morong at about 7:50.   On the way a group of 8 riders caught with me in Cardona. However, I chased them and actually overtook all of them at Callahan  3 passed me near the ice plant. and I was about 30 meters behind them as we approached the Morong town proper.

At Maybancal, Simples lugawan the faithful Recylists were there:   Jess, Armin, Luis, Meong, Edgar, Vhen, Vhal, and Smith were there.   Smith went somewhere else.  Edgar was left behind and we decided to go via Teresa.  The large 39 gear bothered me and the tight front headset bothered me.  I led the troop going up until the resort where the Halimaws overtook me.   I was at the rear end with Pres Luis and Vhen.  On the way up until the Ayala housing, I led Vhen until China bank.

We spent some time at the Antipolo church before going home at about  11:00 am.  It was great ride and great time to be with other bikers.  It was first time Armin rode a road bike again.  For 10 months he said he rode MTB all over the place for fun and adventure.  I could understand why.  For this ride he also had 39 front chain ring and was ahead.  I should not have been bothered by the thought that it is a large gear.

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