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Biking as a mass transport system

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February 21, 2016

                                               Bike commuting in China

                               Sistema sa China - kanya dala/park (as here but secure your bike)
                                      Major supplier was Flying Pigeon which is state owned

When one mentions transport system, one thinks of a massive multi billion infrastructure system like highways, bus, train system to transport people from one point to another point

But biking is a mass transport system:

In some countries, biking is part of the mass transport system as in Holland and major cities in Europe. They have a system called bikershare. (please see earlier post) It is the major mass transport system in China and Vietnam.

There are attempts by BF before and MMDA to promote biking as alternative transportation system.  Such move would not prosper unless.  It is a good alternative because it is:

1.  mass based;
2.  good for health;
3.  the govt does not have to make huge investment on rolling stocks and maintenance;
4.  non polluting, earth friendly
5.  saves fossil fuel importation including junk motorcycle importation.

Please read this post on Bikeshare

Can we do it here?

If we see the bikeshare system as a capricious move to please a special interest group, there is no chance that it would progress. It is time to look at it as solution to a major transport problem - commuting, then it is possible that we can get our act together

The software, the stations would be the only expense.  Again the bus operators/transport group can be asked to bid under a PPP arrangement:

Image result for bike share system

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