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Is Bicycle Act of 2011 filed by fmr Senator Villar now a law?

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Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2014

Senate Bill 2688 Bicycle Act of 2011

It was filed on February 14, 2011 by Senator Manuel Villar some 5 years and 7 days todate. It is probably gathering dust on somebody else's table. (committee on public servce)  In the meantime, there are mounting number of accidents involving bikes an MV..  The Senate  Bill 2688 does not say much on how other drivers should regard the bikers:  say their right of way, berth when overtaking, and other safety procedures to prevent accidents.

It is not yet a law.

In some countries, biking is part of the mass transport system as in Holland and major cities in Europe. They have a system called bikershare. (please see earlier post) It is the major mass transport system in China and Vietnam.

There are attempts by BF before and MMDA to promote biking as alternative transportation system.  Such move would not prosper unless.  It is a good alternative because it is:

1.  mass based;
2.  good for health;
3.  the govt does not have to make huge investment on rolling stocks and maintenance;
4.  non polluting, earth friendly
5.  saves fossil fuel importation including junk motorcycle importation.

Bakit hindi iniiendorse ng Cabinete ni Pinoy.  Kasi walang major govt expenditures involving multi  billion dollar contract. Hindi attractive.for the men of power and wealth

1.  There are enabling legislation for such which includes safety and protection for riders:
2.  Infrastructures:  bike lanes, bike parking space with CCTV for theft protection
3.  Allowing bikes in MRT and LRT system

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