Monday, September 5, 2011

Tagaytay Ride by Real Men on September 4, 2011

                                         The Gay Men In Alabang Before Entering Daang Hari

There were five GayMen who went up to Tagaytay today.  There were 3 new who joined us; there were two Real Men who were unable to join us today:  Alan and Weng.  The Gaymen were:  Gerry, Angel, Neto and John Rey, (Neto's son), and I (Jorgeus biker)  Gerry and I were the only RealMen joining the GayMen.

As my cyclocomputer is not working today, I compute, este estimated the distance to Tagaytay frm Angono to be 75 km one way.  We took the shortcuts:  C6, Daang Hari until Molino,  Palapala, Greenwoods, and then Silang.   From Silang, it about l4 km to Tagaytay.  That is l50 km 2 way.

We left at 630; at Alabang by  7:40; at end of Daang Hari by 8:00.  We had breakfast at Palapala by 8:30 having adobong kambing and dinuguan, laing, and pansit.  We were at  Silang by l0:00 am and Tagaytay by 11:l5. It was quite earlier than our two previous Tagaytay ride and we took this opportunity to tour Tagaytay up to Peoples Park, St Annes convent, the gardens and flowershops, the econo hotel to enjoy the Taal lake sceneries.  We went down at l2:l5 and we were in Silang by l:20 and was off by 2:00 pm.  We were at Alabng by 2:25 and at Sucat by 3:00 pm.  We stayed a while at Napindan bridge until 4:30 and we were home at about 5:00 pm.

What a ride. I enjoyed the ride.  I used light gears all throught out and did not race.  Although I would say we were cruising mostly 25 to 30 on flats.  I was doing 20 going up to Tagaytay (compared to l0 to l4 before)

Google Map of Tagaytay:

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                                  Having "Kambing" (Goat Meat) for Breakfast;  That is JorgeusBiker, Angel,  John Rey and Neto

                                   John Rey, taking snacks; other bikersgroup in the background

                                               John Rey, Angel and  Jorgeus Biker taking Refreshments at Km 50 Store

                                                             Angel and Jorgeus Biker:  Proof We Were in Tagaytay

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