Monday, September 5, 2011

The Napindan Channel Bridge at C6 - Short Cut to Bicutan, Sucat and Alabang

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

These are the views of the Napindan Channel at C6.  There are duck raising farrms near the banks, there are ambulant vendors near the lakeshore and plenty of entrepreneurial activities.

The Napindan channel is where the Laguna Lake connects to the Pasig River.  It is where they regulate the flow of Pasig river water (which is brackish) into the Laguna Lake, or drains the Laguna Lake into the Manila bay when the Laguna Lake water level is high (as it is now).  There are flood gates which regulate flow of water.

So usually in the morning, when it is low tide in Manila bay, water from Laguna Lake flow to Pasig River.  When it is high tide, the gates are closed.

So it is  a good place to fish because there are plenty of manine and aquatic animals being carried by the flow.  All  you have to do is cast the net.

So you see a lot of fresh catch being sold by fish vendors here.

                                                         Duck Raising Farms

                Plenty of Entrepreneurs Before the Bridge and at C6 Roadside; they used to be at the bridge.

                                                   More Entrepreneurs by the Lakeshore

                                      Angel at the Napindan Channel Bridge Enjoying the View

                             Note the sign that says No Vendors Allowed; they used to clog the bridge

                                                  Gerry riding the Napindan channel bridge

Google Map of C6

View C6 Napindan Channel Bridge in a larger map

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