Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still on Nutrition: Food that will Make you Live Longer

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

From the book Ride Fast by Erik Harr, there is a sidebar that mentions food that will increase your longevity.  They are:

l.  Wild salmon  - They are rich in healthy fats, omega 3 fatty acids.  Take note wild salmon.  I saw in television that some stores pass off plapla fish and other farmed salmon as wild;

2.  Garlic - has antiviral properties (good vs AIDS, bird flu and dengue?)

3.  Green tea - rich in anti oxidant properties l00x better than Vit C and 25x better than Vit E.  Prevents cell damage related to cancer. Hmmm I have not been drinking tea...

4. Extra virgin olive oil  (how about virgin coconut oil vs Alzheimer disease?) Olive oil prevents clogging of arteries by lowering blood cholesterol

5.  Red Grapes - rich in anti oxidant properties

6.  Whole grains contains plenty of fiber and anticancer agents; stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels

7.  Chocolate (hehehe this guy is chocolate addict) and ice cream.  These are comfort foods.  Chocolate contains phenylethethylamine boosts ones mood.  (Good way of being addicted without being arrested.  Probably chocolate has the same effect as taking  coco leaves?!!) that is why so many people are addicted to it.  Karr found chocolates with low GI; take note - snickers and MM peanuts.  So you can indulge.

Above all, take plenty of clean water.  It is the best medicine.  We are made of 70% water and we need plenty of water.  So drink the night before the ride, one hour before the ride, during the ride and after a ride.

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