Sunday, September 18, 2011

Real Bad Accident Between Motorbike and Road Bike at Siniloan today; What Happenned to Blogs on Safety?

Let us ride safely..

As we rode past Famy about l km from the Petron Station (near intersection to Siniloan, Manila East Road and Going to Real) there was a bad bad accident involving a big motorbike (a Yamaha) and a road bike.  The road bike got the brunt of the collision;  the wheels were wrecked and dragged some 5 meters on the tarmac leaving deep dents.  I pity the biker although I have not seen him.  Witnesses say the motorbiker did a Willie. (not revillame) and look at the results.  

I have posted/blogged several times several articles on road safety which I had hoped would be read.  How many limbs and lives would be lost before they are read and practiced?

I saw Luis buzzed by a L300 versa van at a distance of not more than 3 inches some 2 km from the Mabitac Sta Maria intersection.  He said his hair follicles could feel it. We pray for our safety always.

We pray for the family and the victims of this horrible accident.  I hope that is one lesson for today.

                            Look at the Bike Paint, They were all Left On the Road, the Rim broken into pieces

                                        A Nice Racing Machine No More; Note the Dent on the tarmac!

                                                  The Big Bikes Rear End - No Damage

Let us practice safety please.  Ride at safe speed, especially motorbikes.  Maintain 3 meters buffer zone. We road bikers are nice people.  All we want is fun and enjoyment.  Not mayhem.  Not broken bikes or broken bones. Or broken dreams or lost lives.  Please friend.  Friends tayo... ha. Brethren...

The roads are for everyone; we borrow it from you.  Race where it is safe.

Please ride safely.

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