Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Does Eating Carbohydrates and Sugary Food Make You Fat

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

Maybe I am out of order here.  If you are a biker, is Atkins, or other fad, no carb diet for you? Is being a vegeterian ok for a biker.

Well a biker needs a lot of energy and energy comes from carbohydrates.  However, the biker has to have a right mix of low and high GI carb.

Now going back to the title, European diets are fatty and yet Europeans are not fat, or obese.  They are healthier than Americans who eat high carb diet.  In US, big is beautiful?  Why does high carb diet contribute to obesity?  For a long long time, I could not figure that out.  From the Harr book, I finally got it.  High GI diet causes production of more insulin; more insulin prevents metabolism of fats.  (Watch my lips, fat is not burned up but carbohydrates; and therefore fat stores accumulate and you get fat)

Hmm. valuable knowledge to avoid being obese and staying healthy.

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