Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do Vitamins Make You a Strong and Fast Rider?

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

As we were descending Tagaytay (Emilio Aguinaldo Highway) or was it Palapala, Neto asked me whether Vitamins make you a fast and strong rider? Maybe, if you deficient in vitamins, then you must ingest the right amount to correct your body functions. But beyond that, recalling Chris Carmichael in his book, Ultimate Ride, it is the combination of many things in the area of nutrition that makes you strong: fat, carbohydrates, minerals, protein that fuels your ride. Then there are other things like motivation (visualization, goal setting) and of course, your training.

Going back to nutrition, do food supplements make you strong like amino acid etc and other things in capsule form etc. He said for amino acids, it is better to take good portion of steak or chicken meat. It is cheaper.

So Neto and other fellow riders, be properly guided. Try to see the book of Chris Carmichael. He was the coach of 7 times Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong.

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