Sunday, September 25, 2011

Uneventful Ride Today Sept. 25, 2011

Have bike, we will help save the earth... Today, September 25, 2011, is uneventful, although they said there is a bike race somewhere.

l. I started out at 6:05 and saw Nolite, Tommy, and Smith at Y intersection (near Knights and Archers.) Soon enough Luis and VM arrived. Nolite paced the group; however, at Calumpang, near the Municipal Building, there was a break away and could not keep up. I caught up with them at Morong 3 minutes later.

2. We had breakfast of lugaw and cassava cake at Simple's lugawan in Maybancal.

3. Then we rode from Morong to Pisong kape. Nolite and I paced until we reached the Tanay cemetery and there was again a sprint. I caught up with them at Pisong Kape maybe some 2 minutes later. I continued up to Bugarin and Luis were ahead at the lakeview. Smith was besides me and said others were behind

                                          Silvery View of Bugarin from Km 63

. 4. And then we rode down with Smith, Nolite, and Tommy. I rode very conservatively but kept up with lead pack consisting of VM, Tommy, Jun F, (Oh we met Gerry and Netoy at Pililla.) Smith. Hell broke loose as we climbed the hill near the cemetery and Engr. June rode with 50x11 gears and pulled all of us. Of course, I swept the back.

5. Engr. June sponsored a round of mountain dew at Simple's Lugawan. Thanks Engr. June. You and Joel are very generous.

6. Then we rode home but decided to pass by the bypass in Cardona which was hilly. (and steep) I and guavas were left behind.

7. We met some mountain bikers who came from Cogeo, passed by Teresa, and went to Morong, Cardona, Binangonan, route We were home by ll am. I should do something about my hill climbs. I am being left behind. I lack practice? I am just practicing how to use my new Nikon coolpix camera. I would have to know how to download to the computer.

                                            Banana Rich in Potassium -Good Postride Food

                  PNoy reported that BJ is a good wellness and health drink, Pepsi Will invest in BJ

Please note better quality of pictures;  I no longer use Nokia 2700 phonecam but a Nikon Coolpix L23 10mp camera.


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