Monday, September 19, 2011

Enterprises and Other Points of Interest at the Cali Ride (Sept 18, 2011)

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

I am beginning to see that a biking blog will eventually become a travel blog or directory.  I think blogging some business enterprise helps others know their stuff, and at the same time educates the blog reader. I did not realize, as I slowed down and made numerous stops (to the discomfort of other Panese men - "napanis sa waiting) there are so many enterprises along the bike routes. Here are some of them:

                                                         Bing's Lakeside Restaurant

                         I did not get the name of this spot with nice view of Laguna Lake

                                                         Carabao Grass for Sale

                                                          Over Kitchenette at Km l0l

                                              Villa Ruthman, Angel Holding our bikes

                                    Another Nice Spot; could not Read the Signboard

                                                     Villa Samonte View Deck

                                                         Villa Samonte Warm Springs

                           Lumban is Famous for Barong Tagalog and Exquisite Embroidery

                                      La Vista Restaurant and Swimming Pool Resort

            Exotica Restaurant In Kalayaan Boasts of Exotic Foods and Ambiance

                     Manay Restaurant in Pakil where we had pre and post climb meals

                                                 Rho Bels Buko Pie in Mabitac.

                                       Bus Stop Resto and Buko Pie and Pasalubong store at Mabitac

                                         JrJ Rattan furniture at San Miguel Mabitac


There are many fruits in season like lanzones, santol, and rambutan, guavas.  But be sure you can canvass for the price.  For instance it is P30/kilo in Lumban, but P50.00/kilo in Paete. Some costs more because of the nice packaging and display.

One notable thing is the presence all ready of durian and marang in large quatities which before could only be found in Davao and Southern Mindanao. According to the person we interviewed, a whole stretch from Lumban to Paete is planted to Marang and Durian, and very soon, the market will be flooded with this fruit, together with rambutan.

                             Rambutan, the Tuklapin Variety only P30/kilo in Lumban

                                            Display is better at Paete and so is the Price

                                       Fruit Stand in Paete; Note Durian at the bottom and Marang hanging

                                                Lansones in nice baskets @Pl00.00 kilo

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