Friday, September 16, 2011

For Bikers: Graze, Dont Eat or Feast.

                                                   You deserve to Feast After a Hard Ride

                                                     To Feast or Not to Feast:  Just the Eggs!

The ideal way for bikers to eat is to graze:  eat small amount of food during day preferably fruits and vegetables (that is why graze)  rather than feast.  This way the blood sugar is kept constant during the day, and less hunger pangs are experienced. Your waist also gets smaller.  Remember, your longevity is inversely proportional to your waistline.

For example:

Breakfast:  7 am two eggs (boiled?) with hot choco or tea.  (These are low on GI)

Snack:   10 am - one large apple and one spoonful of peanut butter.

Lunch:   l2 noon - one half turkey sandwhich on  whole grain bread

Pre exercise:   Protein drink

Post exercise:  Sports drink with bagel  (high GI)

Dinner:  730 pm - medium sized salad with chicken beans, with extra virgin olive oil and brocolli.  And oh some ice cream.

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