Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fine Dining at Oton and Iloilo

Have bike, we will eat great food...

One of the things you notice when you go to Iloilo is that there is plenty of good food to eat, especially sea food. The are unlimited number of places to go to eat. So it is not about all grieving when you are in Iloilo. It is about feasting and eating.

It is accessible by RORO. So maybe, we can bike to Iloilo one day - soon. There are plenty of bikers in Iloilo. Many of bike shops in Manila are owned by Ilongos, btw.

One of the reasons why my family went to Iloilo (aside from the cheap air fares of Cebu Pacific - tourist destinations owe Cebu Pacific a lot!!!) is I wanted them to have taste of seafoods in Iloilo like oysters at Allan's. A basketful of blanched oyster then was only 25 pesos.


Allan's place is visited by diners from Iloilo City.  I noticed that a lot of balikbayan visit his restaurant/eatery too.  Food is good tasting and reasonably priced.  They serve pork chops, grilled fish, squid, fish with soup etc.  All yummy and delicious.  Our food for 5 cost only P845.00 the last time we ate.

There are baked tahong (mussels) and oysters too.  In Manila, some of these delicacies would cost 5x more.

                                                        That is Grilled Squid

                                                         Baked Oyster with Cheese

                                                         Grilled Catfish on A Stick


Emillon is located at the Iloilo City Proper.  Iloilo's One Hundred (the finest citizen) I think come here to eat good food. Food is delicious, service is excellent, but very pricey.  Nice place to visit on the return trip


Breakfast valued at P255.00@ at Sarabia Manor Hotel was free for the  guest of the hotel. It did not taste good though but was filling.

But the talk of the town at Sarabia Hotel are their Japanese restaurant, and their other restaurant by the poolside.  It was heavy traffic last Aug 27,2011, being a Saturday evening there.  Hmm, dining there was something we missed.  But we were at Emillon's at that time.

 Hmm we can always come back for the next round of Cebu Pacific cheap plane fares. I think I should have a travel log.

Google Map of Sarabia Manor Hotel and Emillon's

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