Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harr and others say Hydration (Drinking Plenty of Clear Water) is Good for Your Health?

Harr mentions in his book, Ride Fast that drinking plenty of water makes you healthy and contributes to longevity.  Is this true?

It may make sense, because our human body is made up of 70% water.  In fact, I was able to browse a book that tells that many of the diseases and aches are due to lack of water:

l.  High blood pressure.  Blood becomes thicker when the solvent, water, lacks;

2.  Head aches.  When you travel and you do not drink enough water, less water and thus oxygen and nutrients go to your brain.  The insufficiency causes head ache.  If you sip water as you travel:  drive, take a train or bus, plane, you do not have head aches when you drink regularly

3 Dysmenorrhea.  Women's uterus contract and has spasm when there is a shortage of fluid in the body.  The woman's blood is being excreted in the menses and the body tries to conserve fluid by contracting and spasm.

4.  Obesity.  The body accumulates fat to prevent loss of moisture and body fluids.  If you drink more, the body will not go into self preservation mode.

5.  Kidney and Urinary tract infections. Can be cured by drinking plenty of fluid.

6. Beauty can be had by washing from the outside and the inside.  Washing from the inside can be done by drinking plenty of water.  On the outside, skin gets turgor and looks fresh and firm;  no turgor, skin looks dry and sags.

Do these things make sense to you?  Do you think they are true?

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