Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carbon Fiber Bike Frame is Repairable; You can Make your own Carbon Fiber Frame; or Somebody Can make It Locally

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

                                         You do not have to send them back abroad for repairs

                                Smith does not have to send this to Italy for repairs/replacement

As I was updating my bloglist/blogroll, I came across 3 important ideas: making bamboo bikes, making carbon fiber bike frame and repairing carbon fiber bike frame. Some observation:

The Bamboo bike frame - is not solely made from bamboo but from resins and carbon fiber.

Making the carbon fiber bike frame - the most difficult part is making the mold; but the process is just like making a fiber glass part. The only difference is instead of fiberglass, the material is carbon fiber. But the epoxy, the sanding process is the same. The fiberglass guys can make the carbon bike frame. But he must know where to put the metal parts: the insert for BB, the headpost, the deraillleur hanger. etc, the water bottle boss, the inserts for the cables etc.

The repair is just like the repair of fiberglass.

Here are the links


making a carbon fiber bike frame

making a bamboo bike frame

Carbon frame repair has a site where he regularly features examples of how certain carbon bike frames in various stages of destruction were repaired.  There is also a tab on pricing. Looking at this and remembering this post will help you remove some of your worries in case you have carbon fiber frame in need of repair.  You can look at my bloglist. at the side bar.

The article is on the bloglist of this blog.  I hope you can have some ideas, especially business ones, for this post.


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