Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Welcome New Guys to Recyclists_20l0 and Jorgeus Biker

Have bike, we will  meet new friends...

Today we met plenty of new friends and new faces. And also saw  new bikes and bike parts.

                                                   Nanding from Cardona (8 days daw?)

                                             It looks Like Carbon Fiber but Really Carbon Pasted!

                             Wilson Villasanta and Tito Who Will Celebrate His l8th Birthday soon

                                                    Wilson's Great Looking Bike

                                                Engr. June Francisco Got New Wheels

                                                 That's Mavic Carbon Fiber Aero Wheels

                                                       Joel J New Bike Wow!

We met Met New Friends From LPGMA at Manang's Eatery in Pakil

                                        That's A Fizik Seat and Speedplay Pedal; bikes of LPGMA

                                              Very Expensive Bikes of LPGMA  Wow

                                             These Bikes May Be Worth Millions; Ingat po LPGMA riders

I did not get all their names.  I recalled Francis and Jojo.  Nice Meeting you po

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