Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some New Tips on Cleaning the Bike

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

Last Aug 30, 20ll, since it was a holiday, despite my aching muscles and joints, I cleaned my 3 bikes. The one that I used for Real ride, the Fuji SL -l was really grimy. Because of passing through the muddy and rutted road along KM 92 at Real. So I cleaned the underside the body with spray of water, being careful not to wet the axle.

Then I made a mixture of water, joy liquid detergent, and very little kerosene to clean the chain ring, the sprocket and most especially the chain. I had to use the cotton buds to remove sand and grime from in between the chain. Then I soaked the chain in the mixture that I prepared. Sprayed again the chain with water. Then wiped dry the chain, the sprocket, and the chain ring.

Here comes the interesting part. The advice that I got said that use light oil, not WD 40 or diesel fuel, or 2t oil to oil the chain. Use light oil. Use baby oil. So I had to buy baby oil.

So remember these: joy liquid detergent to clean the chain and other body parts, and baby oil to oil the chain.

To repel the dirt next time, spray WD 40 on the frame.

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