Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why Do We Bike? - Because It is the Greatest Escape of them All - by Robert Penn

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

Why do we bike? Asks Robert Penn at Cycling Plus Magazine, June 20ll issue.

Our answers are the same. To be healthy, to exercise, to ride to work, to have a breathe of fresh air.

But his main reason is that it is the greatest escape of all (all recreation are.

"...but mostly, I ride to escape. I ride for the silence. I ride to empty my brain; I ride for the void."

"After a couple of hours on the saddle, I am far far away.."

"Exercise (biking) is good for the brain." Yes because biking promotes circulation and more blood goes to the brain to bring more oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products.

So do you agree? Biking is an escape, just like having a drink? Do you agree?

I don't. I am still when I bike. I can't be superman or Lance Armstrong or Contador. I am still me.

When you go home, you have to clean your bike and your bones and muscles are tired and weary? You are escaping from what?

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