Monday, September 19, 2011

More Images at the Japanese War Memorial Garden in Caliraya

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

The Japanese were the enemies during the war.  But it is peacetime now.  And enemies are just because of changing alliances. The Americans and the Japanese had great alliance after the war.

Here are some more images at the Japanese War Memorial Garden:

                    The very serene view at the Entrance; those are Japanese Bush
                                 The view of the pool from the top, behind the tall trees

                                                     The Main Shrine

The Yamashita Grave?

                            The Main Shrine:  Japanese Honor Their Dead Very Well

                                     The Greenery Reflections on the Stainless Steel

                                        Stairway to Heaven (?) - to the Main Shrine

                                                     Old But Not Forgotten

                                      Views of the Pool; Reflections on the Water

                                The Cali Men (or Panese) at the Far End of the Pool

                                                      The Pool Bridge

                                            A Dog Wanting to Pay Tribute to the Dead?

                                      Improvised Water Tanks from Plastic Container

                                                   Japanese Bush

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