Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Early Posting of our Long Rides - June Bday celebration at Gapo

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This coming June, there will be 6 birthday celebrants.  And there is a planned ride from San Fernando Pampanga to Barretto Subic..  The group will bike through SBMA for a while, and then rest overnight beach resort at Subic and the following day, we will ride in the vehicles.

However no definite date has been made yet.  Engr. June suggested that the announcements be made earlier so that they can be properly excused from their offices earlier.

                           View from Barretto

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It was close...

Biking and good health


I nearly got sideswiped by a Binangonan Cainta Jeep UDL 887 white paint at Bilibiran and was witnessed by Amigo, whom I rode with early going back home, and a biker from Sunnyvale 3 (I was the developer of that subdivision).  It was that close;   maybe just 0.5 mm and I was just waiting for the fall and the crash to happen.  For only PHP 8 fare, the young jeepney driver can afford to injure me and cause my disability! Wow.  How could he?  He can choose to give me a wide berth

And just to think that the opposite lane was clear.  Paging TMG LFTRB, PNP.  Let us discipline these maniacs on the road.  I can not  make "Isumbong kay Tulfo" or T3 because they are busy with Santiago and Claudine.

When can we stop such homicidal and irresponsible behavior on the road?  Are these jeepney drivers a.  flaunting their TODA size (that they can violate the law?) b,  or that is from their own free choice or c.  the enforcers are not l00% to their job?   Take your pick.

There is a limit on how we can be safe riders.  The others are not.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recyclists_2010 Came in Full Force to Condole with the Saguinsin Family

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 The Recyclists _20l0 came in full force last night: Armin, Archie (I did not know that the in law of Archie is Totie Roan), Allan, Papa Rick, Puritan, Secx Noe, Guava (the last one to arrive) de Leon, Master Edwin, Ado Gonzaga, Jeff, Ben, Tommy, Joel, Luis, Richard,  Amigo, Diego, Tito F, Jun Yamsuan, Gerry, Angel and Weng.  Only Smith, who arrrived on other days was not there. It was the last day of wake viewing of our departed brother Sixto at the Holy Gardens Memorial Chapel in Angono Rizal

The Saguinsin family extends the sincerest and deepest appreciation for your solid show of oneness as we taste the sorrow and grieve over the death of our brother Sixto.

God bless


Monday, May 21, 2012

Is Exercise a Medicine?

Biking and good health

Normally we think of exercise as only benefiting only physical fitness. It has never occurred to our mind (or has it) that it benefits mental health or that it can be considered a medicine.

We have emphasized that exercise or intense physical activity of at least 30 minutes is a detox.  The perspiration from intense physical activity removes and releases toxic by products from the body.

It has been found out that exercise induces growth of brain cells.  We wonder whether there are other pharma medicine can induce brain genesis.  

Find out more  ====>Exercise Boosts Noggin in Your Brain


Recyclists - 2010 Condoled in Full Force Last Night

Biking and good health

The Recyclists-2010 came in full force last night at Holy Gardens Memorial Park chapel  to condole in the full force to condole with the death of the brother of VM.  The brother expired yesterday at 6 am yesterday from colon and lung cancer.

Engr June Francisco came earlier at 6 pm with his wife.

Those who came later at  past 730 (the body arrived) were Pres Luis, Edgar, Papa Ric, Nanding (from Cardona) Angel, Tito, Smith, Richard, and Master Edwin

When they left, they were reminded not to "Mauna"  To leave would be better.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beware of the Intense Sun's Rays - It can Cause Skin Cancer

Biking and good health

We are advised to wear adequate protection from sun's rays (espeically ultraviolet rays) because they can cause skin cancer.  While Asians, dark skinned individuals are not so much prone to this affliction (their brown skin contains melanin which is a protection from the sun's harmful rays;  Caucasians dont.)

Skin cancer do occur among Asians who are over exposed.

Some advise:

l.  Put organic sun blocks

2.  Use shades and protective clothing

3.  Avoid biking from l0 am to 2 pm.

Cheapcures and Sunscreen, Cancer 

                              Smith and June stopped biking because it was l0 all ready

                               Protect your body parts from sun's rays esp large feet

            Asians have brown skin and lot of melanin vs sun's rays;  that is Choco2



Our Brother Passed Away Today at 6 am

Biking and good health

Our brother who has been struggling with cancer of the colon (and eventually metastized to his lungs) passed away at 6 am this morning according to a text message.

I visited him last night at the hospital and his heart was racing and the blood pressure was dropping:  HR was l30, bp was 80/60.  The doctor suspected him to be hypoglycemic and ordered a bs test.  It turned out to be  l66 and therefore not hypoglycemic.  She ordered an NGT because he had not eaten for the whole day. We were instructed to  keep him awake.  But he just wanted to sleep.

We found out that he was on metered morphine and given sleeping medication.  (And so I thought these two medications gave him the low BP)  And maybe I wrongly advised the immediate family members that that was the cause of low BP.

Let us pray for the repose of the soul of our brother Sixto.

Griefshare for Sixto U. Saguinsin

Pisong Kape a Watering Hole for Bikers in Pililla Rizal

Biking and good health

 I finally got the billboard of Pisong Kape.  Do they sell PHP coffee?

It is an important development because we know that coffee/caffeine boosts performance and may be called PED.  Pisong kape can give Starbucks or Figaro a run for their money.

In the meantime this is a famous gathering place for bikers who graze or rest in Pililla.


Other Images:


The Legend of Bayabas

Biking and good health
                               Papa Ric and Bayabas

I have wondered why a fellow biker is callled Bayabas.  I was with him from Bilibiran up to Morong this morning.  He also joined us on our ride home today.

Edwin, his cousin told me the story:)

When Bayabas was just starting to bike, he ran short of breath while in Mambog.  His cousin saw him and Bayabas said he could not see anything (sign of lack of oxygen going to the brain)   Edwin looked for bayabas (guava leaf) to revive him.  He was advised to go home.

The following week he biked again and this time, Mr. de Leon was more adventurous and went to Morong (at Maybancal.  Again he had the same symptoms.  Edwin was there and he again looked for guava leaves and was able to revive Mr de Leon.

From thereon, he was baptized, a.k.a. "Bayabas"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Now or Never Moments

Biking and good health

We are in a way engaged in very rigorous and difficult challenging exercise.  We bike hard, we bike fast, and in such great distances.  However I watched a video consisting of a series of extreme death defying moments. I know my limits I cant.

Watch them now.

Now or Never Moments

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Part II Post: Sierra Madre Ride Via Sampaloc

Biking and good health


Other photos:

Taking off from Sampaloc   (time  9 am)

                              Tito Fabay with his new red bike

                                   Joel with his wide smile

                                    Chito F with his usual thumbs up sign, Choco2 behind

                               Compadreng Luis

                                 Angel wearing the Nike jockey cap (not puritan haha)

                               Weng with V sign

On the way up to Sierra Madre Hotel

I took these pictures while riding (dangerous and difficult eh)

                                       Can you identify their butts (puwet?)

                               I used the left hand to click this one

                               I took my own picture while riding.

Richard took these pictures too while riding

This is a great picture.  Magnificent.


                                Butt views

                                It is got to be Jorgeusbiker and Weng

                                Archie, Nolite and Gerry C

The Pranjetto Hills wall climb and zip line

                                                The wall climb

                                             Zip line ad

Sierra Madre Hotel   (time is 9: 45 and it was raining already)

                               The Laguna Lake View

We had to let the rain stop

                              This waiting shed was a welcome shelter from the rain

        It was almost l0:00 am.  We had to wait some 20 mins. more.  Choco2 had  a flat tire

                                                  The Lake view horizon

                                            What is IPLC?

                                               The Sierra Madre view from waiting shed

We took from this place by 10:20 and  there were still three hills to climb:   one before the Bureau of Soils, then before the Garden cottage downhill, and then one before Foremost Farms.

Nolite  and Gerry overtook me at before the  Garden Cottage;   Weng and Joel overtook  me at Gardem Cottage.  I was at Garden Cottage by 10: 50 and at Vics by ll.05.  I had to do away with scraps.

Waiting at Vics Bulalo

                          Waiting for the bulalo to digest before a 2 km uphill ride

                               That is another 2 km hard ride ahead and it is almost noontime

At Cogeo (we have passed Bosoboso hill and another hill) resting before Olalia Hills

                                    Allan had  flat tire here

                      Look at the streaks of water spray at the back;  spoiling the nice uniform

                               Choco2 and another boy

                                       Another self portrait;  Armin at the background

After this we  ascended Olalia Hills;  it was 2 km of back breaking hill climb.  I thought, I will not finish it.  But I did.  First time to ascend it.

Now which route is easier.  This one is without the Olalia hills.

                                At the Aquino park;  a little before l pm

I was home by l: 30.  My legs were sore.  Now it is time to celebrate Happy Mother's Day