Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ka Recyclists Alan Astorga crashed last week at Antipolo; ingat lagi kapadyak

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
Angono Rizal

According to kapadyak Gerry, Alan Astorga crashed going downhill in Antipolo at first one way section:  where Ado and Nolite crashed before.  His face had injury, and his helmet was destroyed and he had nosebleed.  This could be serious as he experienced head ache.  He was scheduled for CAT SCAN. At the same time, a relative just passed away

We can only say ingat God bless, and be safe always to avoid such accidents.  We know that biking is a risky adventure as all endeavor are.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bike ride today using MTB Mosso Falcon 2 with XT groupset

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal :Philippines
November 20, 2016

I did my usual Sunday long ride today (only up to Morong 26 km out and back) using my MTB Mosso Falcon 2 with XT group set (including wheel set)  I have not used it because of the poor braking performance.  I suspected its brake pads to have thinned out.  However, I had it fixed by Vitoy at Villamayor who added the mineral oil and bled it at the same time.

There are two memorable part of my ride:

1.  I was chased by two bikers from Pasig and the stronger one is named Encer.  Encer rested 2x after he overtook me and he rested once before Convention Center and the other near the exit of diversion in Cardona.  When he caught up with me in Morong, he said he admired me for being "Ang Lakas mo sir for an MTB rider and at yourage)  I was doing between 25 to 30 kph (my cyclometer was working well as well) That is a real compliment from a younger rider.

2. The other one is at diversion road and LLDA.  I negotiated the same using 34 x 28 onlyand 34 x 21 on the less steep part. However as I was about to the enter the main highway from diversion a  29 er overtook me and let by as much as 20 meter.  I patiently tried to catch up with me, and sprinted near the final bend.  The guy later caught up with me and said "Si Sir Jorge pala"  It is Louie de Guzman whom I joined going to Jarrell's peak.  He did not realize it was I who overtook him since I was wearing only slippers.  Ha ha ha nagulat ko siya

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Resuming biking with renewed passion

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 15 2016

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After having been sidelined from biking due to vision impairment, I resumed biking (fro 3 days now) with greater gusto.   I biked last Sunday to Cardona and even joined the Higanteng Padyak caravan;  then last Monday up to Morong, and yesterday to Antipolo Church.  The significant thing about yesterday was that I climbed it using only 44 front chain ring and only 28 at the rear cog.

The ride reminded me of the movie Miracle a 2004 film, a film feature about US hockey team who defeated the Russians who dominated the sports for a decade. This was in 2000 at the XIII winter Olympics at Lake Placid  The athletes who won were mostly young, raw, and experienced.  But the coach Herb Brooks motivated them to always exceed their limit.   When there injuries that would sideline most of players, he asked the player if they were quitting.  And so the pain and the injury was tolerated.

From fastpitch leadership blog - analysis of leadership at Miracle

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bike caravan from Angono to Cardona and back to Angono

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 13, 2016

                                                           En route to finish line at Wawa

The main street of Angono in front of the municipal hall was blocked this morning.  Reason, about hundreds or thousand riders of all types, roadies and MTB were waiting for the starting gun for a fun caravan ride that would cover Angono, Binangonan Cardona, that would cover 26 km. Entry fee is P350  (there must be a thousand participants) They wore green and white jersey (green is fluorescent)

I joined the caravan on the way back from  Binangonan to Angono.  I overtook it though at Tagpos

The pace is slow but there is a lot of jockeying to be at front of peloton from every body.  PUSO MC riders led the group and there were 2 ambulances that supported the ride.

                                                Near Island Gas at Calumpang

                                                    There must be a thousand of them

I could bike and blog again

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 13, 2016

Despite some controversial news that came out last week (Trump win, SC approval on Marcos burial at the LBNMB) is had something to be happy about.  After weeks of difficulty of having double vision due to eye infection,, my vision returned to normal since Wednesday.  Last Saturday, I tried biking for 10 km and I was able to do this safely.

This morning I rode 20 km.  To top it all, I was able to sprint, ride at pace and even overtook some riders.  (One that I overtook at Bilibiran, reached the convention center when I was going back from Montevideo.

This noon, I tried my hand blogging again.  Welcome my friends.

For some unknown reason, the number of page views went up by a factor of 5 while I was absent from the blog