Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Resuming biking with renewed passion

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 15 2016

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After having been sidelined from biking due to vision impairment, I resumed biking (fro 3 days now) with greater gusto.   I biked last Sunday to Cardona and even joined the Higanteng Padyak caravan;  then last Monday up to Morong, and yesterday to Antipolo Church.  The significant thing about yesterday was that I climbed it using only 44 front chain ring and only 28 at the rear cog.

The ride reminded me of the movie Miracle a 2004 film, a film feature about US hockey team who defeated the Russians who dominated the sports for a decade. This was in 2000 at the XIII winter Olympics at Lake Placid  The athletes who won were mostly young, raw, and experienced.  But the coach Herb Brooks motivated them to always exceed their limit.   When there injuries that would sideline most of players, he asked the player if they were quitting.  And so the pain and the injury was tolerated.

From fastpitch leadership blog - analysis of leadership at Miracle

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