Sunday, November 25, 2012

Palawan Tour November 25 to Dec 2, 2012

Biking and health

My youngest daughter bought us a tour package for 4 in Palawan that will cover both Puerto Princesa and        in one week's time from Nov. 25  to December 2, 2012.  Today we are in Puerto Princesa and we had a city tour that covers:   Bay Walk, the Cathedral, the  Plaza Real, the souvenir shop, the Crocodile farm, the Millionaires Hill, Mitra Ranch, the Baker's Hill,  and the Loom Shop that supplies CK.

Tomorrow, we go to  El Nido   and rest for the day,  the following day and next day, we do island hopping.  Then rest day on Wednesday.

Then back to Puerto Princesa and then tour of beaches from Friday to Saturday, and the underground river tour.  We will back at  11 pm of Dec. 2.

Our city tour today was very educational.  We should have gone to Palawan earlier.   The tourist industry is much more organized in Palawan than I thought.  The crocodile farm, with some upgrades can match that of Bangkok.

The tourist arrival here, and the vibrancy of the tourist industry here is very evident... many inns, hostels apartelles, guided tours,  restaurants, night spots.... tourist guides, vans, many flights.....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Recyclists ride to Atimonan tomorrow

Biking and health

The Recyclists ride to Atimonan tomorrow at 3 am in time for 430 arrival to Famy Petron station.  From there they will ride to Atimonan stopping at Pagsanjan, Tayabas, and finally at Atimonan for a distance of some 94 km.

After lunch at Atimonan National Park, they will ride with the vehicles back to Angon.

I am sorry i would not be able to join them.  I will have a trip to Southern Islands, and we will leave for the airport by 3 am.

I trained hard for this:  Tagaytay ride, Mahabang Parang, Jalajala.

Like Gandhi said, we may be far away, but our hearts are always near.  We can never be far apart.

Ingat. Ride safe.  Save the best for last when you climb the bitukang manok.. Eme.  Do not waste your energy at Luisiana or Tayabas... Vaya con Dios.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

It was Armin Zapanta's daughter 7th birthday today

Biking and health

When Luis arrived at Morong, he spoke aloud that Armin's daughter is celebrating her  7th birthday at Brent Ville in Dona Justo today at 3 pm. Her name is Julia Sherlene.

I did not clarify that until  about 2:45 when I was driving from Makati.  Am I being invited;  sure Pareng Luis said.

And so  I went.  Archie, Armin's brother was there and Luis were there.

Armin's parents in law are Emy Villamayor, a contemporary, and Toti, the brother of Bong Roan who is the husband of my sister.

The venue is owned by Osek Capistrano  and Atilano Villamayor who used to work at Unilab.  Investment at the Brent Ville Venue was his retirement pay.

There were usual game and the merienda (quite heavy) consisting of spaghetti, lechon,  chicken pastel, beef, chopsuey, leche plan and buko pandan (also with dirty ice cream) was served at 5 pm.  There were about 80 guests, mostly young children and we hoped we were not out of place

Our ride today, November 18, 2012

Biking and health

I rode out at about 6: 10 and stopped for a while at Sacred Heart Parish for a brief prayer.  And then bought some suman.  I biked at 34 gear and did spinning.  I overtook an old cyclist at  Callahan and he never pursued me.  I shifted to 53 between Cardona and Morong.  I tried to do interval and hard pedalling to follow the new trend in physical fitness.  Hard intense effort vs. long cardio or aero efforts.

When Master arrived, as usual, we  had to take the salvo of "kantsaw" and lait.  It was our shortcoming.

After the usual lugaw and buchi, we decided:  Allan, Tito, Gerry, and Angeland I to ride to Antipolo because of parade in Angono.  I was with the group when I decided to pee at Sampaguita resort in Teresa.  However, I still manage to pass to younger looking bikers, and another one in Colnago suit, heavily built.   We regrouped and rested at China Bank parking lot in Antipolo.

We were at home by 9:00 am and still managed to watch the parade.

BTW, it is the birthday of Master on November 23,2012.   Happy birthday.

Everyone of the Recylist is invited to join us on the same day to celebrate our town fiesta at the house of Jorgeus biker

Friday, November 16, 2012

My rides during the week: Nov l5-16, 2012

Biking and health

I rode last night.  It was kind of late.  I attacked a hill 5x.  Perspired a lot.

This morning, I rode to Antipolo.  I left at 620 and was at Antipolo Church before 7.  I was nearing the end of the mass when i arrived.  I overtook 3 other fellow bikers.  I used 34 x 23, and 34 x 25.  I lost breath at Beverly.

I think I am stronger now.l

Going home, I left at 7:10 and arrived at 7:40.  I sprinted  3x going down from Tikling to SM.  I was at the office by 7:40.  I would say it is a hard ride

Monday, November 12, 2012

Our bike ride today to Tagaytay November 11, 2012

Biking and health

                                    Stopping for a drink along Paliparan rd in Bacoor Cavite

The dynamic trio:   Gerry, Angel and I rode to Tagaytay yesterday.  Our assembly time was 6:00 but we left at 6:20.  We chose the floodway, Baytown route to c6.  We entered c6 by 6:35 and were in Bicutan by 7 am;  there we bought our breakfast of Monay, pancit canton, and rice cakes.

This could be their 8th ride;  mine was 6th

We left at 7:20 and were in Alabang  7:40.  We were at Bacoor/Daang Hari intersection by 8:10 and at Greenwoods by 9:00 am.  We were at Silang by 10:00.  (I had to fix my bike because of clicking chain sounds) We were Tagaytay by 10:50.

Angel said we paced at 32-35 kph at C6 and were going up Tagaytay at about 25 kph and slowing occasionally at 20 kph.

We stayed for a while at Tagaytay Rotunda and went down by 11:30.  We ate some buko and took some pictures at Monteluce and Premier Plaza.  The stall where we used to eat was gone;  instead a new commercial complex built by Robinson was there.

We were in Silang by 12 and were hoping to have lunch at Bikerspoint.  They had no food (this was in Greenwoods)  We ended up in Kusina ni Grasya when we arrived there a little before 1 pm.  We lunched there until 1:20.   We were in Daang Hari by 2:00 pm and were  Alabang by 230 (we were fast) and were in Bicutan by 2:45.   We entered C6 by 300 pm (we rested at Camp bagong diwa waiting shed because Gerry had stiff neck he said) We refreshed and drank some softdrinks in Napindan until about 330. 

We slowed down quite a bit and were in Angono 4:20.  We were tired and sun burned.





                                         At Monteluce

                                 Robinson built a mall near the Halamanan where used to eat

                                   The view of Angono from Napindan

                                     Home after about 140 km odyssey

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A unique restaurant set up by Grasya at Greenwoods Cavite

Biking and health

 We left Tagaytay at about 1130 and we had hoped we could eat lunch at Bikerspoint along Greenwoods in Silang.  We were in Silang at about 1200 noon and were at Greenwoods at about 1230.  We nearly missed  this little restaurant of Grace:   Kainan ni Grasya.  Well her tarp was small and eatery facade was recessed and could not be noticed.  The fruit stands were more visible.

Her eatery stands on top of free flowing creek and her food are excellent and priced reasonably.  It is fantastic.  She said she has a rank of chef and studied culinary arts.

Should be called Creekside Kainan, or Kusina sa Creekside?

She is now moving into catering and events. 

Her restaurant, if you are coming from GMA is some 300 meters from the GMA Greenwoods intersection and about 500 meters away before Greenwoods.

You can contact her at +639193352527 if you would ride to Cavite/Tagaytay and would want some food prepared before hand?

 x                               Grace took the picture of the dynamic trio

 x                              I hope the free flowing creek is visible at the bamboo slats

 x                              The creek and the culvert are visible from here

                                   Great lunch for hungry bikers

The ride to M of Atimonan, Quezon will be on November 25, 2012

Biking and health

Nolite told me this 430 pm, after our trio ride to  Tagaytay, that our Atimonan ride will be on November 25, 2012.  It is is so sad that after preparing so hard for this, I will miss, as with other rides of Recyclists 2010.

I had an earlier booking with the family to an out of town destination and the plane tickets and the accommodations have been paid for.  Too late to cancel  and rebook  (A rebook is the same as buying a new package)

So sorry

Monday, November 5, 2012

Beware of budol2 for bike

Biking and health

I nearly lost my bike to a car riding con man with Honda Civic XTM 885.  Beware bike mates and other jorgeusbiker.

The guy told that he was picking up my bike from the household help as per my instruction.  There was no such instruction.   Last night, a trick was successfully pulled off in St. Martin.  A motorcycle was taken.

Instruct your maids/househelp boys not to fall for such a con.

Take note they are very smart.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

District 2 DE of Rizal Engineer Santos retired last September 24, 2012

Biking and health

I just learned that my kumare of almost 30 years was the DE of District 2 of Rizal DPWH.  I met her about 4 months ago and footed the bill of our breakfast meeting at Bistro Mateo coffee shop at Tiendesitas. She is the Ninang of my youngest daughter (she is all ready 30 years old)

That is where I learned of her middle management responsibility at DPWH.

So she was responsible for the nice roads that we bikers enjoy at Cardona, Morong, Tanay, Teresa, Pililla and Jala jala.  I mentioned the cracks at Bagumbon in Jalajala.  The last time we biked, the joint cracks were gone save for some that were washed away by the incessant rain.

She retired last September 24 and said to me in a text that that was her legacy.

Let us thank Engr. Merci Santos former DE of DPWH District 2 of Rizal.  She is from Marikina City.