Monday, July 23, 2012

Tour de France PS 3 version- this should be fun!

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I think this video is for PS 3;  I have not tried this but should work well with your PS 3 player, and LCD TV. It must be fun doing this with your stationary training, pretending you are with TDF peloton.

Bradley Wiggins of Sky Team wins Tour de France 2012

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wiggins leads 2012 TDF

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Stage 14 TDF - Leon Luis Sanchez Wins

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Tour de France Stage l5 Video - Fedrigo Wins

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 Tour de France Stage l5 video.  Please watch it/them

Helicopter tour of Stage 16, TDF

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Stage 16 Race Highlights TDF 2012

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Alejandro Valverde on descent at Stage 17 of TDF

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Cadel Evans on the 17th Stage of TDF

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Please go to for Tour de France Feeds

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Please visit the above fan page account for more video, pictures and other neewsfeeds.

I hope you like like too.

Thank you.

Our bike ride today to Tagaytay (or Alabang)

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                                      Allan, Gerry, Weng, and Jorgeus biker

Three of us initiially started out at 6:30 am for Tagaytay this morning:  Cataps, Angel, and me Jorgeusbiker.

Eventually, Weng, the brother of Angel, and Alan caught up with us at the entrance to C6.  We time trialled C6 covering the 10 km distance in about 20 minutes.  Then we bought breakfast at Bicutan and ate in a waiting shed in front of Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.

After which we rode to Alabang. We covered the dsitance from Bicutan in about l5 minutes.  That is where the bizarre event took place;   Weng and Angel could did not arrive at the assembly point. That was about 8: 15 They had been to Tagaytay several times and they could not have been lost.  We were trying to contact them by cp and no one answered.  Did they get a flat, or were they lost.

We contacted them at about 9:00 and they said they were at Jollibee.  What Jollibee and where?  Allan and Gerry went to Jollibee and I followed and the Balubar brothers were nowhere in sight.

Still waiting.  We made another 3 phone calls. They said they were at Las Pinas;  and we waited.

Then at about l0, they were contacted and said they were allready in Molino.  That was when we decided that the 3 of us would just go home.

And we did ride home fast and furious.  With the short break included to drink buko juice, we covered the Alabang Angono distance in l:05. Another time trial.  The C6 was covered in l5 minutes.

Angel later texted me that they arrived in Tagaytay at 11:22.

 x                          Gerry and Jorgeusbiker at entrance of C6 waiting for Weng

 x                           Weng and  Allan caught up with us.

 x                           Keeping tri bike secure at C6

 x                    Waiting for Balubar brothers at intersection of Ayala and Daang Hari



                                  Penguin that always stand upright

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pedal Assisted Electric bikes

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Definitely a big help if you get older;  helps combat pollution as you dont need gas and diesel combustion.

Automatic Bicycle Transmissions

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Are they now a reality?  Why do I not see many of them?

Chainless Bikes

Biking and health

A new generation of belt driven bikes are coming out;  they are chainless;  are therefore lighter and easier to maintain.

Watch the video


Team Sky trailer

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Link to live video streaming of Tour de France

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Here is a link to live video streaming from Tour de France.

Recon of Tour de France Stage 7

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Links to ITV 4; videos can be viewed only in UK, fyi only

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I am posting link to a website for ITV 4.  The information can be worthwhile if you folow TDF.  Videos however are available only at UK for viewing.

It was  day for Brits.  Bradley Wiggins took the Yellow jersey as fellow Chris Froome took the lap victory. He was ahead of last year's victor Cadel Evans by 2 seconds as the latter floundered on the last climb.  Battle between Brits and Australians;  all kings/ queen's  men?


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fwd: About Bicycling: Who is Going to Win the Tour de France?

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Who is Going to Win the Tour de France?
The 99th edition of pro cycling's grandest event began last weekend, and after five days of racing, Fabian Cancellara wears the yellow jersey of the leader. But the riders are headed for the mountains and things are sure... Read more

Be Strategic When Putting On New Tires
Okay, let's say your bike needs a new tire. Maybe it has a puncture or a gash in the sidewall. Maybe it has become so worn that the threads underneath are showing through. Clearly you can just throw a new tire on and be done with it. But wouldn't you rather... Read more
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Crazy Bike Rides You Don't Want to Miss
Last weekend in Chicago was the annual and much anticipated nighttime L.A.T.E ride. That acronym is short for Long After Twilight Ends. This 25-miler rolls out after midnight and takes riders and is one of many crazy bike rides... Read more

Bicycle Maintenance And Repair
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Stage 6 Highlights at the finish line

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Stage 6 crash

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Latest from the Tour de France.

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 Race leader, yellow jersey is Fabian Cancellara who is ahead by 7 seconds;

The leading team is Sky team also leading by 4 seconds;

 The best sprinter is Peter Sagan with l47 pts.

 Michael Morkov is the king of the mountains followed by Ivan Basso and Peter Sagan. (Sagan is the man to watch)

 There are four who quit the Tour at the 5th stage: 3 for broken bones: tibia, collarbone and hips; Mittel quit because of bum stomach

 Click the link at left sidebar or the paper li for the updates.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Get the latest Tour de France updates and even local news from my Paper Li.

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At the top side bar is an embed of my paper Li.  Read it for latest on Tour de France.   It is updated daily.  As of now Cancellara holds the yelllow jersey by a narrow margin. Just click.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best of Tour de France 2011 Video

Biking and health

2012 Tour de France Preview

Biking and health

Tour de France feature video - "Hell on Wheels"

Biking and health

Giro de Italia Greatest show on earth

Feature on Mark Cavendish video

Biking and health

Best of Giro Italia 2012

Biking and health

Bikes of the future video

Biking and health

Video Tribute on Marco Pantani

Biking and health

This morning, I met again a biker from Taytay who resemble this cycling icon.  I am posting a video tribute on Marco Pantani.

Video on Fabian Cancellara

Biking and health

SRAM red in action

Biking and health

Anticipated biking products of 2012

Biking and health

SRAM red and Shimano products.

Greatest climb of the Tour de France 1990- 1999

Biking and health

Watch this hour long video.  Be inspired if you are biker, and you will learn more how to ride hills and mountains.

2011 Tour de France crashes video

Biking and health

Man, its painful and heartbreaking to crash...