Sunday, September 25, 2016

Great day to bike today, slightly overcast (neither hot nor raining) September 25, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 25, 2016

                Nolite, Alan, Pangskie, Master and Gerry resting at Maybancal Barangay Hall after

My goal today is to ride 90 to 100 km.  It is a great day to ride today.  Despite the announcement that typhoon Helen is making a landfall today (in Batanes) it did not rain this morning (although it rained last night). The skies were dark at the West side but the rain did not fall.  I saw Jess, Meong, Luis, and rest of the guys at Jollibee at about 6:30.   I rode ahead of them to say a little prayer at Sacred Heart.  I saw them pass and leave me.   Then I gave chase but never caught up with  them. Saw them in Morong for the breakfast of lugaw and buchi.  Those who were there were Joel, Master, Meong,  Nolite, Gerry, Pangskie, Alan, Luis, Jess

Along the way to Morong I played with a group of MTB (about 8).  They were fast.  I passed them before Looc, and I left them but they gave chase downhill from  Callahan.  I raced with them again passing them before Morong market, then I overtook them at Namay (later in Tanay as we biked to Pisong Kape, I overtook them again)

They stopped at Pisong Kape to go to Jalajala so that I would reach my mileage.  I reached Jalajala in 30 minutes but stopped along the way to have buko and take coffee at Pisong Kape (where else)  I had conversation with Pablo and somebody, an MTB from Batingan Binangonan.

I passed at Cardona bypass going home

Going back, I passed other bikers going home but I chased somebody in road bike. He was wearing red jersey.  From Binangonan, I chased somebody who was on MTB but had thin tires.  I let him go near Tayuiman elem school.

It was a great day for a ride.  I think I pushed myself to the limit to be stronger.  I am distressed anymore by riding MTB for 100 km distance.  Just spin it

                                           Ginigiba na barangay hall; naiinis na sa bikers?

                                  Pangskie, Master, Gerry and Meong showing his boobs and tatoo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gerry Cataps wrecked wheel set repaired for lower price than the damages he asked from tricycle owner

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

                                                  The wrecked  wheel set

                                                   Ang nakabangga

Gerry C rode with us today, with the repaired wheelset.  It was wrecked about two weeks ago in ride to Majayjay:   a tricycle bumped him from behind in Namay, Morong Rizal. He was thrown several feet away but his RD and rear wheel were wrecked.  I estimated for the investigator that the damage was P30t. Before they departed, Gerry lowered the damage to P5t.  Later on when they settled, Gerry accepted only P4t for the damages.  Sa awa sa Ms. who works in the munisipyo.

Today I learned that he spent only P700 for the repair.  Edward of Muzon did the repair.  I suppose Gerry must return the P3,000 to the tricycle driver if he is truly kind?

Or the rest should compensate him for the pain and anguish he suffered.

Ang gaan ng Bianchi bike mo.!

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

For my bike ride today, I had at least 3 admirers who tried to weigh the Bianchi bike.  One of them was the pan de sal baker at Bo. Kalayaan.  He said it must weigh only 3 kg.  The other admirers were Jess and Jericho.

Truly  I am happy with my Bianchi bike (repainted matte black)  With carbon fiber crank, and XT 11 to 32 cogs, and FSA carbon fiber crank and Campy wheel, it is truly light.

I was able to solve the last two remaining problem:  the bearing of the head set, the allen head screw for the head set, and the flower (which I was able to work better by punching it down through the steerer with a  drift

No return no exchange policy, higher credit card price, non issuance of OR contrary to law

Wheels of Happiness

Image result for no return no exchange philippines

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

Today, I had a spat with now a very big store (that is owned by a relative pamangkin) for not refunding to me the purchase of bearing which did not fit.  It is a small amount but it is contrary to law and contrary to the business relations I had with the store.  I had referred customers blogged about the store, and bought two bikes from the store.   I do not know whether I will continue doing business with them, or even endorsing them to friends.

My biggest concern is about the violation to law, meaning to say this practice is patently illegal.  It is a violation of DTI policy and Law RA 7394 or Consumer Act of the Philippines, and DAO (Department Administrative Order, No. 2, Series of 1993  -  Title III Chapter 1 Rule 2, Section 7.

Another practice  of bike store and bike shops that we should not tolerate (and they should respect us the consumers) are the following:

1.  Non issuance of OR (a store in Marikina is notorious for this)

2.  Higher price for credit card purchase (from 3 to 7% depending on the mood of the owner/store clerk.  This is disallowed by DTI under DAO No. 10, series of 2006:  From JLP law com - DTI 
prohibits higher price for card purchases

The concern of this post, is someday, and may it not happen,  that these stores be caught by DTI and heavily penalized.   It is not going to be business as usual.

And social media post like this may make more people aware of their rights as consumer and of decency

To quote:

Last month, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued Administrative Order No. 10 (series of 2006), which prohibits, among others, the imposition of a surcharge, extra charge or additional charge in the use of credit cards, automated teller machine (ATM) cards and debit cards for payment of purchases of consumer products or services. In other words, stores cannot impose any extra charges on top of the cash price for purchases of goods or services paid via credit card. Violators face a penalty of imprisonment of up to six months. Here’s the full text of Administrative Order No. 10. It takes effect 15 days from publication.

My bike ride today with the Recyclists from Pililla

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

                                                             King Richard

I biked today and it was late setting out at 7:00 am.  I passed by the Sacred Heart Church, prayed and asked for the blessing of the priest.  I brought my Bianchi bike today.  I passed several MTB at Darangan, and Montevideo.  There were no other cyclists until  past km 55.  After that there were two bikers who chased me:   one roadie, the other MTB, and the other one Bubuy who appeared at km 57.  I biked ahead of the MTB in white and green jersey MTB in black and red jersey. And Bubuy up to km 59.  The guy in MTB (friend of Ed Valdez) told me that I was "Ang lakas" for my my age because we were doing 35 kph and up and he could not get past me.

Then I stopped at Pisong Kape and met the other bikers:   Master, Val and Chito.  They said they were there some ten minutes earlier.  I had lugaw and brewed coffee of Chris (great tasting at P30 per cup)  And then others who rode to OL appeared:   Jess V, Edgar (7 days) Angel B (on a MTB) Alan A, and Jericho M, Richard A, Joel J, Nolite  and Gerry C. ( 12 in all, I was the 13th)  Weng B later joined us

Then we rode back until Maybancal.  I was left behind with Val (a couple of seconds) for we too were speeding.  After spending some time at the Maybancal barangay hall, drinking cold water and some conversation, we biked home.

Four of us decided to try the Cardona diversion:  Alan, Richard, Weng and I.  On the way up I was ahead then Richard, Alan, and Weng went ahead of me.  I was able to chase Richard, and Weng past Crystal East entrance, and  Alan past the last summit before going down.   Alan retook the lead as we descended.  He was ahead of me uphill by some 50 meters and he lost me going down from Montevideo.   Chito Jericho and Jess who passed by Cardona were suddenly behind me and Chito and Jericho overtook me and I chased them again.    At Calumpang highway, I sprinted and overtook the two but later retook the lead at Island gas.

It was great Sunday ride with hill climb and plenty of sprints.  Great way to keep fit

                                                 Joel "Talap"  J

                                                     Richard and the rest of the Recylists

                                                 Angel, Val and  Ed (7 days)

                Richard shows off his teats and boobs, ignoring morality and decency (he6)

                                      As a result, the Maybancal barangay building collapses (ha6)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How the 6 drops of oil saved me P6,000 (buying a new STI)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 13, 2016

I am very much bothered by my malfunctioning 6700 Ultegra STI.  It was a very new 2nd hand when I bought it 5 years ago from my brother (it came with an FSA carbon crank)  brakes, FD and RD.

The main problem is with left STI (for the FD)  It would shift to the large chain ring.  But shifting down the small chain ring is a sometimes affair. Kailangang timingan.

What were done:

1.  I tried to overhaul it (I opened the guts but found nothing wrong)

2. Ibinababad sa WD 40 at gas.  But nothing much improved.

3.  Looked at the groups selling STI.  I was tempted to buy even 105 STI

But yesterday, I put 3 drops of oil to each of the STI, and lo and behold they worked perfectly again.

Just 6 drops of oil

Monday, September 12, 2016

Keeping the bike always in tip top condition

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 12, 2016

Today I went to Villamayor Bike Parts to have the Bianchi road bike put in tip top condition.  There were two tasks to be done:

1,  Add length to the chain.  It would not shift to 53 x 32 because the chain was stretched to the limit.  There was an extra length that I cut.  I wanted the mechanic (Betoi) to do this for me to lessen the likelihood that there would be cut chain in the rides.

2.  Adjust the bike wheel, or derailleur so that it would shift to 39 x32.  The shift was no longer possible after I had the rear wheel re aligned for slight wobble and up and down play.  The alignment of the wheel was correct but of the cogs not ok.

#1 was easily and effortlessly done by Bitoi. But the #2 job took a while about almost an hour.  He reversed the axle, and realigned the wheel next. After reversing the axle, the wheel stayed close to the right side.  So he realigned the wheel by increasing the tension to the left side so that it would stay away from the right side to the left side.  That meant he would release the tension on the spokes at the right side (now I am learning about truing)   The increasing and release of tension was about one turn only.

It was job well done. I can fully use all the cogs and there would be unnecessary tight tension on the chain

I spent an extra P100.00 wasted on earlier alignment and truing.  The mechanic was not well experienced  yet and could not think of the solutions to the problem he created.  Always go for the best, albeit the most expensive mechanics.  You save more money that way

Riding the Bianchi road bike again after two months of MTB rides

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 11, 2016

We commemorate two events today:   99th birthday of late Ferdinand Marcos and the crashing of 4 passenger jetliners piloted by suicide pilots at NYC Trade Center, Pentagon and  Pennsylvania where 3,000 Americans perished.

Yesterday I rode solo to Pililla on my Bianchi roadie After saying little prayer at Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman (which we usually do for to praise, thank the Lord and guide us in our biking so that we arrive home safely) I tried to chase some MTB which I did so successfully.  There was one in blue jersey who also chased me again.  The last time he did that was at Island Gas and then never saw him again.   Then I chased somebody at Callahan, but I never got past him when he overtook a long truck going down from Callahan.  I was able to pass him and another MTB who was in pink and black jersey.   He passed me at Morong market, but I retook the lead at Namay.   I was solo again up to km 55 where a large thighed rider on a roadie with back pack passed me.  I chased him and road by him side by side until km 58 which I planned as the limit of my ride.

On the way back after seeing that there was no food in Tanay Gardens, I gave chase to two riders one tall and one short and caught up with them on the way up the hill at the Baras Tanay boundary and overtook them.  They caught up with me again and chased them until past the PNP station and towed them until Maybancal where I peeled off to look for lugaw.

In Angono, I saw the group of MTB riders (group of Armin).  They said they toured from Antipolo Teresa., Morong, Cardona, Binangonan and home. They recognized me on my roadie and said hello

The heat was overbearing yesterday

Wawa in Angono is now becoming a bikers destination

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 12, 2016

I noticed that many MTB riders are now going to Wawa for stop over, stand by and food.  About 3 dozen or so bikers from Binangonan and Cainta were in Wawa this morning.

This is good for Angono especially for the food vendors at Wawa.  It means more income and livelihood. I asked why bikers drop by here.  They said this is part of the package when going to Petroglyphs.  Some bikers say Wawa is a great destination too.

Planned Ride to Real and San Felipe Zambales for the long weekedn aborted

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 12, 2016

Since it is a legal holiday today, a feast for the Muslims (sacrifice - when Abraham agreed to sacrifice his eldest son to God) Meong suggested that we have two days ride (overnight) either to Real or San Felipe. When I verified with Jeff, he said it is going to be the weekend before All Saints day (as was last year)  Besides, we just had the long ride to Majayjay

So last Saturday, I thought there would be a long ride.  Meong texted me that he was at Jollibee at 6:00.  I went there and other Recyclists appeared:   Jeff and  Pres. Luis.  They said they would text me later if we were going to have a ride after all.

Later they texted me that there would be no ride.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Missing my Road Bike - lighter and faster than MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 4, 2016

I had long lasting fatigue until Friday ever since I did a long ride to Majayjay on a MTB.  May be because of the weight of the bike (although it is a carbon fiber) the wind resistance or the road friction, I had to exert more effort and energy.

Yesterday I rode up Eastridge using my Ti MTB.  Now I no longer fear nor hesitate climbing up Eastridge.  Kayang kaya ng MTB.

But for today;s weekend ride, Sunday, I brought out the Binachi road bike.   The difference in the ease of riding was very much felt.  I had not ridden a road bike for about a month.  The tires of the Fuji carbon fiber were flat.

I passed about 3 dozens MTB and they were riding 29 ers and were not slow.  But in the end I was ahead of everybody on the way to Morong.   On the way back, I passed at diversion (kaya din ng road bike) and the MTB whom I passed (from Taguig - Ridley club) were still there. That is what you call the road bike advantage