Sunday, September 18, 2016

My bike ride today with the Recyclists from Pililla

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

                                                             King Richard

I biked today and it was late setting out at 7:00 am.  I passed by the Sacred Heart Church, prayed and asked for the blessing of the priest.  I brought my Bianchi bike today.  I passed several MTB at Darangan, and Montevideo.  There were no other cyclists until  past km 55.  After that there were two bikers who chased me:   one roadie, the other MTB, and the other one Bubuy who appeared at km 57.  I biked ahead of the MTB in white and green jersey MTB in black and red jersey. And Bubuy up to km 59.  The guy in MTB (friend of Ed Valdez) told me that I was "Ang lakas" for my my age because we were doing 35 kph and up and he could not get past me.

Then I stopped at Pisong Kape and met the other bikers:   Master, Val and Chito.  They said they were there some ten minutes earlier.  I had lugaw and brewed coffee of Chris (great tasting at P30 per cup)  And then others who rode to OL appeared:   Jess V, Edgar (7 days) Angel B (on a MTB) Alan A, and Jericho M, Richard A, Joel J, Nolite  and Gerry C. ( 12 in all, I was the 13th)  Weng B later joined us

Then we rode back until Maybancal.  I was left behind with Val (a couple of seconds) for we too were speeding.  After spending some time at the Maybancal barangay hall, drinking cold water and some conversation, we biked home.

Four of us decided to try the Cardona diversion:  Alan, Richard, Weng and I.  On the way up I was ahead then Richard, Alan, and Weng went ahead of me.  I was able to chase Richard, and Weng past Crystal East entrance, and  Alan past the last summit before going down.   Alan retook the lead as we descended.  He was ahead of me uphill by some 50 meters and he lost me going down from Montevideo.   Chito Jericho and Jess who passed by Cardona were suddenly behind me and Chito and Jericho overtook me and I chased them again.    At Calumpang highway, I sprinted and overtook the two but later retook the lead at Island gas.

It was great Sunday ride with hill climb and plenty of sprints.  Great way to keep fit

                                                 Joel "Talap"  J

                                                     Richard and the rest of the Recylists

                                                 Angel, Val and  Ed (7 days)

                Richard shows off his teats and boobs, ignoring morality and decency (he6)

                                      As a result, the Maybancal barangay building collapses (ha6)

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