Sunday, September 4, 2016

Missing my Road Bike - lighter and faster than MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 4, 2016

I had long lasting fatigue until Friday ever since I did a long ride to Majayjay on a MTB.  May be because of the weight of the bike (although it is a carbon fiber) the wind resistance or the road friction, I had to exert more effort and energy.

Yesterday I rode up Eastridge using my Ti MTB.  Now I no longer fear nor hesitate climbing up Eastridge.  Kayang kaya ng MTB.

But for today;s weekend ride, Sunday, I brought out the Binachi road bike.   The difference in the ease of riding was very much felt.  I had not ridden a road bike for about a month.  The tires of the Fuji carbon fiber were flat.

I passed about 3 dozens MTB and they were riding 29 ers and were not slow.  But in the end I was ahead of everybody on the way to Morong.   On the way back, I passed at diversion (kaya din ng road bike) and the MTB whom I passed (from Taguig - Ridley club) were still there. That is what you call the road bike advantage

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