Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Site of the Panda bus accident yesterday was in Sampaloc Tanay?

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Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2017

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According to hearsays, the site of the Panda bus that crashed into a post yesterday, killing 15 people took place in Sampaloc Tanay, probably in its steepest portion.   We all struggle climbing that portion from Km 65 to 69.   Near the anti magnetic, a lot of accidents happen I too crashed in that area.

Let us be careful kapadyak when we bike at Sampaloc, especially when descending.  where our speed could reach 50+ kph.

As one Scandinavian senior rider from Antipolo City said (I happened to ride with him to Sierra Madre several years back, he said that Sampaloc is not for human beings.  It is only for animals  like horses and carabaos.

Idea of race back to Baguio City from Urdaneta gaining traction

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Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2017

The thought of returning to Baguio City soon, with the ride starting from Urdaneta is gaining traction and many are interested.

The idea came when Engr June, who was our host in Urdaneta last Baguio City ride February 10 to 12, floated that idea that perhaps we could race to Baguio City soon from Urdaneta.  I mentioned this to VM and some of Recyclists and they liked the idea.  I posted this at FB, a three liner and there were many views and likes

One of them was Sec Noe, whose dream of scaling Baguio City was dashed last Feb 11 when Nanding said he does not know the route when we were all ready in Rosario La Union (ako rin di ko alam)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Analysis of Baguio City ride

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Rizal Philippines
February 18, 2017

I thought that I did not do well with the Baguio city ride.   I used to be part of the peloton from Urdaneta to Sison.  In our last ride, up to camp 6, I was part of the middle pack.  Now I am the last. There could be various reasons:

1.  Age matters;  I got fatigued at the second half (100 km of the Urdaneta portion)

2.  I stayed back at the Tarlac to Pangasinan portion to assist a limping co rider;   he could have quit due to cramps but I encouraged him to go on spinning. Naturally, I had to go slower and break my rhythm

3. I used the road bike only one week before the ride. I was used to using MTB and got used to 42 x 13 gear combination.  Thus most of the time I was on 39 x 13 or 15 on flats

4.  The kapadyaks are simply getting stronger and faster.   And I am not because of #1

But one thing I can say is that I kept going at the Kenon portion.  The MTB gears saw me through the rest of the climb.   I did not feel distressed at any point in time

Monday, February 13, 2017

Is it time to quit or time to improve further as a long distance rider; dapat susunod Trans Phil ride

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Rizal Philippines
February 13, 2017

As I scaled the City of Pines last Saturday February 11 (our Lady Lourdes celebration), I reflected on the fact that I was last of the tropa always, but I never struggled.  For the Urdaneta stretch, I lingered on to the back to support a beleaguered colleague who had cramps.   That was from Tarlac down to Paniqui, but he eventually left me.  The too much spinning made my muscle sore.

From Urdaneta up to Binalonan, I was up front with the group but was left behind too could not mach their 35 to 40 kph speed.  I promised myself 20 to 25 kph only.  I will finish the route in due time fresh and not feeling too exhausted.

I was wondering too whether this affected me:

1.  Using two bikes.  Road bike up to Rosario La Union, and MTB up to Baguio City

2. I practiced most of the time using MTB albeit hard tempo and using hard gears.  At the ride, I preferred to ride conservatively, easy gears and easy riding.  Just ot finish

3.  Being away out of town, pigging out on food at Dumaguete and the tours there.

4.  Or whether age has caught up with me.

Vhen Apran and I tried this ride at the young age of 65, and said it could be our last joining Recyclists for the epic activity.   The route seems longer, the climb harder and the colleague seem to be faster.

There are two choices: to quit take it easy, or continue cycling.   And try to find out where I went wrong,  What else can I improve?

                                              With Vhen A, kaidaran ko pero iniiwan ako palagi
                                        With VM at SM Marilao

                                     Resting at SFDO rest stop with Engr June at the background

                                    Selfie and the rest of the guys at Hacienda Luisita after being
                                    ejected from Max/s lawn

                                    JB at SM City Rosales;  (are we promoting SM? panay SM
                                       ang stop

                                At Camp 4 hinintay ako ng tropa consisting of VM, Vhen, and Edgar

                                     From the Land of Higantes to the Land of Giant Lion's head

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, mountain and outdoor

                                                  Maski paano nakakauna on a low geared MTB

                                             Hindi pa laos, kumikig pa sa pag pedal!

Scaling Baguio City for the 7th time, at the age of 65

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Rizal Philippines
February 17, 2017

Happy Hearts day tomorrow.

This weekend, the Angono Recyclists have an achievement of sort:  it was the biggest group so far, 27 in all, we had great accommodations:

1.  courtesy of Engr. June Francisco.  He allowed his unit at Urdaneta home and office to be used for sleeping quarters for the Recyclists; (aircon ang 2nd floor ng house pati ang office)

2. Pine Breeze, we were billeted at H1, H2, H3 F1, F2 and F4 in four different locations and we had cookware, plates, towels and bed sheets, plenty of water.  And plenty of exercise and just near the city proper.  Inasal was 10 mins away

3.  We were fetched (the twelve of us:  Richard, Exequiel, Chito, Meong, Boknoy, Joel, Jericho, Jess V, JUS, Armin, guests bikers:  June Balbin, Jake and Matthew  by a van hired from Cardona for straight contract of P4 t only, we shoulder the cost of  toll and gas.  We were billed by Richard for only P550, each much much lower than the P750 for express and a little bit higher than P450 regular fare.  We used the van for shopping and it was point to point travel.  We were offloaded in Angono, for most of us, but Joel, Jun were brought near their houses

It was significant because none of the riders quit, and we reached our goal in record time.  There were first timers and there were revenge riders (those who did not finish before but finished now.)

All of us were given certificate of Recognition by Pres Luis and VM Jun Vic at the socials/fellowship held at H1 H2 quarters.  Boknoy was given an initiation.

Thanks Pres Luis, VM Jun Vic, Richard, and Sec Noe. and most specially to Engr. June for the special accommodations.  Congratulations also to him for having conquered Baguio by bike for the first time in his guapo and super light Wilier Bike. The more he will strive to have more Baguio City rides in the future

This is an experimental post, where I dumped all the posts at FB and simply embedded the post at blog (before it used to be the other way around:  blog and then link to FB

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Joining the Chinese in Spring Festival Tour of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental

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Rizal Philippines
February 5, 2017

                                          Whale shark up close and personal in Oslob Cebu

This post was unable to bike and post since Feb 1,, 2017.  I joined the family tour of Dumaguete and  Negros Oriental from February 1 till yesterday.

Our itinerary which set us back by a good 5 numbers consisted of the following:

Day 1 - Plane ride from  Manila to Dumaguete and checking in at the El Dorado Hotel and resort in Dauin, some 20 km from the City.   Most of its guests are foreigners who are divers at dive sites around the area where there is Marine Sanctuary and to Apo island, one of the top 10 dive sties in the world

Day 2 - Trip to Apo island.  We did snorkling to be with the pawikan, (big turtles) which are in a turtle sanctuary;  then trekking at view deck (it was very technical, very steep and with plenty of rocks)

                                      Disembarking at Malapatay Zamboanguita

                                             Globe signal is strong at Apo Island

                                        Fresh tuna, 18 kgs in all for kinilaw and belly dish

                                       MB Gigi  leaving Malapatay port

                              Destination, Apo Island, one of the top 10 dive sites in the world

                                     Note the clear bluish water

                                           Look like twin buddies rock formation

                            It is low tide and the moss could be slippery

                                        The DENR regulates the island and collect fees;
                                              (I hope that Sec Lopez does not close this soon)

                                       Plenty of boats await their guests (ours GIGI did not and was
                                        abusive;  our travel guide censured the boatman)

                                      Ragged rocky seashore, you have to be careful

                                                Broken sharp corals make walking difficult, you
                                                   have to wear booties

                                           Foreigners dominate the island; outnumber locals 4 to 1

                                    Snorkling to see the pawikan

                                             Edible birds nest inside a house, they say the swallow
                                                 bring luck to the house owner

                                                     Bakawan - endangered species