Monday, February 13, 2017

Scaling Baguio City for the 7th time, at the age of 65

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 17, 2017

Happy Hearts day tomorrow.

This weekend, the Angono Recyclists have an achievement of sort:  it was the biggest group so far, 27 in all, we had great accommodations:

1.  courtesy of Engr. June Francisco.  He allowed his unit at Urdaneta home and office to be used for sleeping quarters for the Recyclists; (aircon ang 2nd floor ng house pati ang office)

2. Pine Breeze, we were billeted at H1, H2, H3 F1, F2 and F4 in four different locations and we had cookware, plates, towels and bed sheets, plenty of water.  And plenty of exercise and just near the city proper.  Inasal was 10 mins away

3.  We were fetched (the twelve of us:  Richard, Exequiel, Chito, Meong, Boknoy, Joel, Jericho, Jess V, JUS, Armin, guests bikers:  June Balbin, Jake and Matthew  by a van hired from Cardona for straight contract of P4 t only, we shoulder the cost of  toll and gas.  We were billed by Richard for only P550, each much much lower than the P750 for express and a little bit higher than P450 regular fare.  We used the van for shopping and it was point to point travel.  We were offloaded in Angono, for most of us, but Joel, Jun were brought near their houses

It was significant because none of the riders quit, and we reached our goal in record time.  There were first timers and there were revenge riders (those who did not finish before but finished now.)

All of us were given certificate of Recognition by Pres Luis and VM Jun Vic at the socials/fellowship held at H1 H2 quarters.  Boknoy was given an initiation.

Thanks Pres Luis, VM Jun Vic, Richard, and Sec Noe. and most specially to Engr. June for the special accommodations.  Congratulations also to him for having conquered Baguio by bike for the first time in his guapo and super light Wilier Bike. The more he will strive to have more Baguio City rides in the future

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