Monday, February 13, 2017

Is it time to quit or time to improve further as a long distance rider; dapat susunod Trans Phil ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 13, 2017

As I scaled the City of Pines last Saturday February 11 (our Lady Lourdes celebration), I reflected on the fact that I was last of the tropa always, but I never struggled.  For the Urdaneta stretch, I lingered on to the back to support a beleaguered colleague who had cramps.   That was from Tarlac down to Paniqui, but he eventually left me.  The too much spinning made my muscle sore.

From Urdaneta up to Binalonan, I was up front with the group but was left behind too could not mach their 35 to 40 kph speed.  I promised myself 20 to 25 kph only.  I will finish the route in due time fresh and not feeling too exhausted.

I was wondering too whether this affected me:

1.  Using two bikes.  Road bike up to Rosario La Union, and MTB up to Baguio City

2. I practiced most of the time using MTB albeit hard tempo and using hard gears.  At the ride, I preferred to ride conservatively, easy gears and easy riding.  Just ot finish

3.  Being away out of town, pigging out on food at Dumaguete and the tours there.

4.  Or whether age has caught up with me.

Vhen Apran and I tried this ride at the young age of 65, and said it could be our last joining Recyclists for the epic activity.   The route seems longer, the climb harder and the colleague seem to be faster.

There are two choices: to quit take it easy, or continue cycling.   And try to find out where I went wrong,  What else can I improve?

                                              With Vhen A, kaidaran ko pero iniiwan ako palagi
                                        With VM at SM Marilao

                                     Resting at SFDO rest stop with Engr June at the background

                                    Selfie and the rest of the guys at Hacienda Luisita after being
                                    ejected from Max/s lawn

                                    JB at SM City Rosales;  (are we promoting SM? panay SM
                                       ang stop

                                At Camp 4 hinintay ako ng tropa consisting of VM, Vhen, and Edgar

                                     From the Land of Higantes to the Land of Giant Lion's head

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                                                  Maski paano nakakauna on a low geared MTB

                                             Hindi pa laos, kumikig pa sa pag pedal!

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