Monday, September 19, 2011

Lake Caliraya and the Hydroelectric Dam

Have bike, we will visit Lake Caliraya...

Lake Caliraya is perched some l,200 ft above sea level and covers the towns of Lumban, Cavinti and  Kalayaan. It was built initially in l939; was destroyed twice by retreating Americans and Japanese in WWII.  The Caliraya lake is the reservoir for water that is being pumped up from Laguna Lake in nighttime and generates electricity at daytime.  The dam generates 40,000 hp of power.

The dam is unique in a way because it is the only one that can store power;  at nighttime when there is excess power, the power generated pumps water up from Laguna Lake to Lake Caliraya, and at daytime, the stored potential energy is convered to power. (A very large capacitor eh)  The very high head enables the dam to generate power cheaply.

A lot of resort facilities have been built in the area.  In l980s though, rebels occupied the villages near the lake.  There is a lot of water sports being done at Lake Caliraya:  jet skiing, para sailing, etc.  There is a lot of superstition that it sucks some people and even boat.  Beside the Lake Caliraya is the Japanese war memorial garden.

Google Map of Lake Caliraya

View Lake Caliraya in a larger map

                                                         That is 8 kilometers going uphill, no recovery portions, all uphill

                                             Water from the Lake flows down this Giant Pipe to Drive turbines at Kalayaan

                                                  The two giant pipes are continuation of the pipes from below

                                                Spectacular Views Of Laguna Lake and Talim Island from The Caliraya Road

                                                                               Mini Waterfalls

                                                       Roads are Being Repaved from Km l0l to l03 Thanks Cong Egay SL

                                                                The Spillways to Drain the Lake in case of Heavy Rains


Anonymous said...

Im a student at MAC,and we have a project in Physics that requires us to visit an hydroelectric powerplant,but i have trouble in getting contacts for the powerplant in Caliraya,Laguna...I was wondering if you know any contacts as to the one managing the powerplant...tnx

Jorgeusbiker said...

Hi, We were just bikers. Maybe you contact Napocor. We ourselves were not allowed to get near the plant nor take pictures. We had to take pictures from afar