Thursday, March 21, 2013

I met a beauty queen in my class Ms Phil. International 2008 - Pat Medina Fernandez, a relative pala

Real Cyclists

Rizal PHL   March 21, 2013

From ProfJorgeEntrep@Ateneo | March 19, 2013 

I got the biggest surprise of my life when the companion of the entrepreneur guest in my Graduate School of Business Entrepreneurship class, turned out to a former beauty queen, an actress, a news anchor at Solar (formerly at Channel 5), a weather woman, Pantene and Sun Cellular girl, a scholar (cum laude at UP) - Patricia Medina Fernandez. Wow. The whole idea sunk into my mind  only a day after the meeting.

And I was even more surprised  when I learned that she is a relative - a daughter of a third degree cousin (a "mangkin") Ching Medina.  They live in Pasig.  She was a  classmate in high school (St Paul Pasig)  of a student in Grad School.    The discovery is incredible, unbelievable.  As if I was Richard Gordon discovering that he and Cardinal Luis Tagle are cousins!

I thought all the while, we originated from monkeys.(beast not best)  Hahaha.

So we belong to a family of brains (the Medina).  Her beauty is from her mom  (the Hayden Lim from CDO)

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