Saturday, March 9, 2013

We bike to Manay tomorrow March 10 2013

Real Cyclists

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Angono, Rizal, PHL |  March 9, 2013

After much discussion at  FB where to bike tomorrow, the leadership decided that it is going to be a Manay Pakil, Laguna.  Pit stop will be at Pisong Kape.  Going back will be via Jalajala. The long rides to Mauban, Lukban, were disregarded due to the risk of injury or fatigue setting in.

We start at 530 at Sacred Heart Parish, with Class A uniform.  See you there

P. S.  I saw Richard and he said he had DTR for the day;  he said he biked all ready. Hahaha.  He thought I was checking him out if he would join?

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