Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ride Safe, be safe always: Bayabas (Rene de Leon cousin of Master)broke his leg

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Morong Rizal PHL  | March 3, 2013

We just learned from Master E that Rene de Leon, his cousin broke his leg while spinning at technopark.  That was last Thursday Feb 28, 2013 and he had to be brought to Rizal Medical Center.  News has it that he will be wearing antenna to straighten the bone and to give traction.

Get well sir -  Bayabas.  We hope we can visit him when he gets home.

By the way, always wear and strap your helmet.  News has it that somebody who had a loose helmet, fell on the gutter and broke his temple... And has to be hospitalized for serious injury.

Buy a good helmet, wear it always and be sure it is strictly strapped.

Be safe, ride safe always

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