Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chasing Mambo (Charlie Lorenzo) going to Morong today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippine
March 26, 2017

Dala ko ngayon Fuji bike.  I bought interior with 8 cm valves so that I can inflate the Cosmic tires (with 5 cm aero height)  the 6 cm valve leaves only 1 cm for inflation and the pump do not seat well with 1 cm length of the valve.  I bought the 8 cm valve at John Wilkies branded Kenda  China for P225 each

I chanced upon this guy 10 years younger, who is from Pontifino Daang Hari, but who started out from flood way this morning past the Sacred Heart church.  I chased him in Tagpos, overtook him and then he got close again and overtook me again at Calumpang, I chased him again, overtook him before the BCC, and then I chased him up to Montevideo, and successfully overtook him near Looc before the  the Iglesia, and then going up to Queen Mary, I had trouble with my gears (loose cable) and he left me.  But I overtook him just after Renaissance. Then my gears got loose again and he left me just before Namay.  We saw each other at Simples Lugawan. in Morong  He paid for my Lugaw and egg though

I was the first Recyclist in Simples, followed by Engr. June Francisco.  Then came Meong, Joel, Jess, Nolite, Jimmy, Master

He is called Mambo, he said and his chocaran are from Taytay.  His name is Charlie Lorenzo.  He says  he knows someone from Angono who makes taho

He and Jimmy know each other about sports, football and others.   He said he is an electrical contractor, and does not like girls any more (those who are old)

He says he can manage hills at 20 to 30 kph (kaya?)

But his kuwento poses a challenge for me.  But that means I am strong, because I was able to keep up with him or even overtake him (3x at least)

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