Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ingat palagi kapadyak; 3 Js met accident in a row all ready. Any more with J as first name?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2017

3 Js in a row met accident all ready. First it was me:  Jorgeus Biker.  Then Jericho.  Now it was Jimmy.

JB collided and crashed with Allan in Jalajala

Jericho upended his bike on sudden braking when a car suddenly darted in front of him and he fell on his elbows and arms

Who else has his name starting with J?

Jimmy was hit/bumped by a MC rider from Pasig.  They were riding with a group of ladies.   The front wheel of bike of Jimmy was 8 ed.  He landed hard on his butt and it hurt.   The rider gave him P200.00 and a hug to make amends.  He cried though

But the MC riders have to ride safe.  They must be trained seminar ed on safe and legal riding.   Jimmy said he was on his lane near the road marker when he was hit.

Every day, we see unsafe riding by MC unchecked by authorities.:  counterflow at high speed., overtaking from the right, sudden turn without signal, Passing other motorists (us with only inches to spare) The rule says 1.5 meters in Singapore, 3.0 meters in Australia.  (Baka walang ganung rule)

Anybody, every body could buy an MC for only P2,000 d/p.   Anybody every body could get a license to drive MC. (no exams and no seminars)   And what do you expect, chaos and mayhem. What else is new

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