Thursday, March 30, 2017

A used carbon fiber bike shoe given new life by Papa Ric and Gerry K

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

                                              May trade name pa ni Cataps

                                    Look at the handsome plastic buckle tongue
I have a carbon fiber shoe bought about 3 years ago.  Its buckle attachment broke, and so with the plastic buckle tongue.  Papa Ric, our oldest biker, 84 years old reattached the buckle hardware (for loosening and tightening).  However, the tongue was not made as well, His repair broke right after I tried it.  His repair cost me the equivalent of  $5.00

The plastic tongue was made by Cataps.  He made it from old pail, and he bought a new large cutter. It was well done and it fitted well.  My Scott bike shoe is as good looking as new.

Have your bike shoes and other shoes repaired by Papa Ric

For other plastic stuff, watches, and other electrical problems, go to Gerry Cataps

                                              The plastic buckle tongue made by Gerry at the left
                                                      the old one at the right which Gerry copied

                                               Mabuti di ko ipinamigay, carbon fiber kasi

                            The buckle attachment now new, hand sewn by Papa Ric

                                           The fully restored Scott carbon fiber shoe

Salamat Papa Ric;  salamat Gerry.  Marami pang magpapagawa sa inyo

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