Thursday, March 16, 2017

A new bike shop in Binangonan with Quiapo prices, inquire now and get unbelievable low prices

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 16, 2017

I saw Glenn Diestro yesterday with a newly acquired carbon fiber bike with Campy group set and told me he has all ready a bike shop in Binangonan besides URS named Bike World.  As I biked to Wawa his son Andrew was there expounding the low prices they have at Bike World and the carbon fiber bike of his dad which he said costs P200,000 (it is but the acquisition price is half of that)

This morning after a Niogan Pililla bike ride, at around 11 am, I passe by his store to buy a LED lamp.  I got one for P500 (list price is P550) a mounting post for LED flashlight for P150.00 and a grip for MTB for only P75.00 to replace the regular grip costing P450.00 (which is now dirty and sticky) a total of P725.00

The Bike World is only 4 months old yet his sales is unbelievable.  He said he got 50 fat bikes now there are only a dozen remaining, he got about the same number of xix bikes, now there are only 4.  He sells several dozens aluminum pedals weekly.  Why?  Because he sells them cheap. Quiapo Prices for a bike shop located in Binangonan:

     Sample of low low prices

       Shimano triplet crank           P980             1,450
        Alum pedal for MTB               380
        Alum pedal with sealed B     650            1,200
        MTB brake pads                    400               500
        Shimano chain 8-9 spd         450               600
        Hydraulic brake set            1,900           3,500
        Gloves giant with gel            400              900
        Ordinary gloves with gel      200
        Stem  50 mm truvati             550
        Mavic Rimset   MTB         4,500           6,500


      Xix                             26            6,500 only
      Xix 29 er with hydraulic brake  13,000
      Trinx                                         7,600
       Fat bikes                                  9,800  only
       Folding bikes      krypton        6,300

He sells bikes fast by low low prices comparable to Quiapo prices, he gives free lunch to his customers (especially from Taguig) if not coffee;   they are even free to lie down and sleep at his papag.   He has a very good mechanic.

The name of the store is JGD bikers world (2nd floor Diestro building) near 711 and URS .  His store is strategically located that is why bikers who are going to Morong or Bugarin have no choice but to see or visit his shop.  Although being at the second floor stinks you have to carry your bike on the shoulder just to be at his shop.  But he will change location (on ground floor) soon

Tel  0932 386 9519
       02 359 74 89

The owner is Glenn Diestro, an old friend;  he owns the building so he has no rental expense

He says the owner of his business are bikers who dictate the inventory he has to have, and the prices he has to maintain.  He gives them a lot of freebies and they are happy because they can resell the parts and bikes at handsome profit (that drives up his sales and brand further)
A customer from Laguna buys 5 fat bikes at 9,800 and resells at 12,500 and his buyers are happy because the market price is P16,000 wow

Go there and buy a low priced bike or part now, without going to Quiapo.   Of all the local bike store even up to Marikina and Bike 101, vs Padjak or Villamayor, he has the most competitive price


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