Monday, March 20, 2017

Chasing your kapadyak is a high adrenaline, high intensity job

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 20, 2017

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                                    I finally caught up the tropa at Pagsanjan after riding hard for nearly
                                    4 hours, and 70 km

Yesterday, I gave chase to fellow Recyclists who have left me for Lucban Quezon Ride.  They left me at 5:45, when I just woke up   I arrived at the assembly area at 6:05 and the SG there informed me of the 5:45 departure.  From thereon I was on TT mode.  I was probably doing 30 kph or more.

At Pisong Kape, the informants told me that my katropas left 10 minutes ago.  I had closed the gap by 10 minutes.  At km 66 + before 67 I saw Jimmy and the Defender and there I thought I caught up with the group.  I went ahead to have some food at Manangs at the summit (km 69) I saw the Defender pass by.  And from thereon another chase, TT until I reacched Pakil by 9:00 am and was in  Pagsanjan at 9:50.  

In a chase mode, I was on TT and the pedals seemed light and it was all green go go.  No time to look at scenery and even change gears.  At Kalayaan, I did not realize that I rode that hill at 53 x 19.  (I normally do 39 x 25 for that portion)  It was pure adrenaline at work.   No time even for a drink or jingle.

Hahaha that is the kind of work they give to the newbies water boy (mules) who bring water to their companions in the a race.  It could make you work harder and run faster

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                                       We left Pagsanjan church shortly after I arrived

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                                          The rider leading the others in white socks is I

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                                    A P30t alum bike vs a high end P300t Dogma carbon fiber bike

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                                  I could not believe that I did a TT chasing the tropa, at the age
                                   of 65 (soon to be 66)

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