Saturday, March 18, 2017

JGD Bikers World Revisited - with Pictures

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 18, 2017

I went back to Bikers World today to take some pictures so that our fellow kapadyaks would be able to visualize what the post was all about.

                              In front of Rephil, besides URS

                                 Front view of Bikers World

                             The stairway to Bikers World

                         Folding bike  P6,500

                                 Xix Alum bikes -  P6,500

                            Fat bike -  only P9,800

                                Xix bike

                                   Xix roadie P9,500

                          MTB Mavic rimset only P4,500

                               Shimano Crank set only P980

          Kevlar helmet with cover and googles (for MC) P950

                           MTB grips only P75.00 per pair

                                Fixie    -  P6,500

                             Their cheapest bike only P4,800

                           Alum pedals only P380.00

                     Machfally 180 lumens lamps   -  P580
                            Comet 2 in 1, signal and lamp  P380

                       Giant glove  P300

                          Giant glove with gel P400

                          Giant glove  P350

                               Trinx MTB 7,600

The other cheap parts mentioned are out of stock.  They will have new stocks this week end.  Boss Glenn is going to suppliers for next batch

P. S.  I got CR 2032 lithium batteries for only P10.00 each

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