Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lack of practice makes the knees and thighs weaker?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 12, 2017

Last Thursday, I went up with a group of trainees (two ladies) up East Ridge.  We walked from Manila East (7 11) till Unamonte where we did the calisthenics.  Then I let them walk, as tried to climb up using the SAVA carbon fiber MTB.  I seemed to lose lung capacity easily and the pedaling seemed tough.  I have to stop some 20 meters away from Unamonte gate 2.  We rested there and I  rode again.  Again the pedaling seemed tough and I had to put the chain ring down to 24.  I usually do not stop and use only 32 to get up to the top.

What seemed to be wrong?  Well lack of practice.  I did not do a lot of East ridge or San Carlos or Medalva climbs.  I guess I have to do more of that.  I neglected hill climbs

Although today I rode to Antipolo Church using a roadie, I think I did well and managed the fiber tex and Beverly portion well.  (As a matter of fact I passed many MTB who seemed to relish on frequent stop)  On the way home I passed the diversion.  Pero sagad ang sprocket sa 32 (x 39)

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