Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Natuloy ride to Majayjay August 28 to 29 2016; 4 Recyclists completed the ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 30, 2016

National Heroes day everyone.   (We celebrated this yesterday)

Yesterday, 4 of us, Jeff, Angel Gerry (he met an accident though in Morong - he was bumped at high speed in Namay Morong and his beloved bike was crushed, - the rear wheel and the RD were bent) the planned long weekend ride to Majayjay.   Armin and the MTB biked since Saturday to Atimonan and we met them Saturday at 10:30 Sunday in Paete.

It was raining at 5:00 still, but I still went to the appointed place and time at Jollibee and only Jeff, who is from Majayay, the host was there at 6:00  Then Vhen came and off we went.  We were joined by Alan in Pag asa and later by Gerry in Tayuman.  That was about 6:30

We arrived at 7:40 in Pililla, the first pit stop and at 8:00 + we rode up to Bugarin.  Angel was there at Manang;s food store/resto. It was about 8:40   Alan and Vhen begged. off.   And we rode down Bugarin to Famy.  No further stop was made.  We were in Pagsanjan by about 10:40  It was kind of slow ride but Jeff said relax we have the whole day to ride.

We were in Cavinti by 12:00 and in Luisina by 1:00 pm We arrived in Lucban by 2:00' we went ,marketing and were in Majayjay by 3:00 pm at Bo Bitaoy.  At 4:30 we went to Taytay falls for sightseeing (for me to experience the place.  We were done seeing the place by 6:30 and were back at 6:30.  Each of us had to spend P60.00 to see the place - P40.00 for the tricycle ride and P20.00 for the entrance fee.  It was worth the trouble.  We ate dinner at 7:00.  From there on till 9:00 we shared Empi light and slept soundly till 4:00 am  yesterday.

                              At Manay's eatery in Famy Laguna

                            At Welcome arch of Lucban

                          At hanging swaying bridge of Taytay falls

                          Selfie at Hanging Bridge

We had breakfast at 6:00 am and rode off back home by 7:00.  We bought some pasalubong at Lucban at 8:00 am.  We were in Pagsanjan by 9:00 and in Famy by 10:30.  We had pansit at Manang there and rode up Bugarin by 11:00.  Angel and I were at Manangs again by 12:00 and met Jeff and Gerry by 12:30.  They had they lunch there all ready.   We were in Morong by 1:30 and unfortunately we had to attend to Gerry;s plight.  He met an accident - he was bumped from behind by tricycle at high speed in Namay.  He was thrown on impact, his bike went under the tricycle and it was crumpled and twisted.  The driver of the tricycle had only student license (driving without license) and could be charged with damage to property through reckless imprudence.)

But it should not over shadow our achievement of doing 220 km of tough ride and back to Majayjay Laguna.  Only the four of us.  Jeff, Gerry, Angel and I.

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