Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bike ride today, October 1, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines October 1, 2015

I have been out on a provincial trip, thus no bike ride Monday and Tuesday, and yesterday, because I was tired and poofed out.

So today I rode despite signs that the weather disturbance is here (expect bad weather today till Friday)  It started to have shower in Binangonan and became a drizzle near Mambog.  I stopped at a waiting shed, where I was later joined by Peter of BCC, and another companion whose name I did not get.  They had MTB and remarked that I too had MTB gears. When the rain stopped, they rode off and was behind by some 15 seconds and disappeared downhill

I went up via the diversion in Cardona which I managed easily at 32 x 28.  I rode down to Morong just to see them pass by.;  I caught up with them at Morong town proper near Save More and overtook them at Namay.  I was planning to stop in Morong but the momentum was there, I rode until km 54 in Tanay.  I led the two from Morong to Baras to the hill crest of Baras Morong boundary.  And I gave up the chase and the peloton at km 54 right before the SSS office in Tanay.

I returned to Morong hoping to get some Lugaw at Simples.  But then it was 8:30 and their store was closed.   I went to the memorial park where I met with the marketing staff and the engineer. It rained hard again. When it stopped it was time to ride back via Cardona.

I rode back again via the diversion.  I used the 32 x 28 gears again.   It was easy uphill climb wiithout the lung and thigh burning experience.

I did about 5 sprints/interval training:   one going up to Island gas, one going up Binangonan convention center, one going up Mambog (Montevideo)  one going up Namay, and one at Baras Morong hillcrest. I hope I get faster and stronger?

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