Friday, October 23, 2015

Bike Ride Yesterday, October 22, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines, October 23, 2015

I had not biked well for the last 3 weeks because of:  typhoon Lando, and my teaching assignment which required me to stay in Makati.

Yesterday, I biked to recover.  I started slowly using 32 front chain ring.   using 13 and 15 cogs.  However, somebody caught up with me at Cardona -  Tito.  He was saying he too had:   difficulty in doing his rides (he recovered from an illness) and he gives up when the group keeps its pace strong.  I was ahead of him from Cardona, to Morong and until Baras Morong boundary.  At Tanay, I heard Smith was with us.  I kept pedalling, fast pedal rate until Pililla municipal hall. About 200 meters from the Biak na Bato he and Smith overtook me and maybe they were riding over 25, and me at 20 kph and I was left by some 20 meters.  Well however, we still saw each other at Halayhayin.  I had Lugaw at Pisong Kape, they at Carmens resto.  It was about 8:10

Then Recyclist Edgar arrived from Bugarin. He remarked that I have not been making post here at this blog.  I made the last post and he remembered last October 3.  He was right. He too ate at Pisong Kape, then we joined Smith and Tito at Carmens.   There I met Pandoy an MTB, only 20 yo but a podium finisher.  He used to be a Mega rider (those weighing 240 lbs and above)  He now weighs at 160, the son of the owner of the motorcycle shop near AES.

At 9 am we left;  Edgar and Smith went back at Bugarin, me and Tito rode back to Morong.  He would go back to his shop because many things are to be done.  We conversed as we rode and he again continued his apprehension on his ride that were being more challenging - sign of old age, of sickness or what.  Well I said we accept the fact of aging.  How am I dong? He said he admired my passion and dedication to ride.

We parted ways at Sagbat.  I dropped by to talk to the staff of Holy Angels. I stayed there for 30 minutes and then rode home via Teresa.  Riding Teresa is not so hard anymore because of the low gears of my "cyclocross" bike.  I rode at 32 x 21 and 23 and even at 26 if needed.

I was at home by 11:00

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