Monday, November 2, 2015

Our feeding station and nourishment on bike ride to San Felipe Zambales

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 1, 2015

                                            Food stop in San Fernando

These are some details on where and what we ate on the way to San Felipe Zambales and on the way back.

October 30 2015

1. Early breakfast at RapSa in Angono, Rizal.  I had lugaw 5 am +

2.  In Marilao just before SM, we had pan de sal, water and Pansit Canton  8:30

3.  In San Fernando intersection - water, water and more water  1030 am

4.  In Dinalupihan, Bataan  12:30

5. At Olongapo City, 7-11 and Mercury

6.  Plaza of San Marcelino  -  pineapple juice and some candies

7.  Dinner rice, sinigang na isda and fried fresh fish at the house of Kuya George of Jeffrey

October 31 2015

We bought some fish at the landing of fishing boats near the beach.   We bought 2 kgs of tuna (yellow fin) and two kgs of pusit.

1.  Gerry prepared the two tuna for kinilaw.for breakfast

2.  The head was made part of sinigang, and the squid were made into adobo for lunch

3. We had dinner at the house of Ate Violy near the sea. Then we had videoke and slept for a while near the beach

 November 1, 2015

1.  Breakfast of rice, and fried fresh fish at the house of Kuya George, then some fresh saging na saba. at 4:30

2.  Water, yogurt, at Mercury and then full merienda at 9:00 am at Dinalupihan.

3.  Full merienda at Dinalupihan carienda.  They had rice and menudo etc, I had lugaw and more water. 9:00 to 9:30.  We departed at about 9:40 for San Fernando

4 Lunch at San Fernando Jollibee.  All of us had burger steak promo which was at 75.00 php.   We had great food and great nutrition that is why we survived this ride.

I finished the last 90 km riding a Genesis bus. I had done the most difficult part of the ride, I did my chore of leading the peloton and was not very behind.


                                    Just finished lunch at Resto in Dinalupihan Bataan

                             The ladies over there are shy and would not join us for the photo ops

                                      Jerry and Jeff at 711 in Olongapo city

                                Resting drink stop at San Marcelino 20 km to go

                                 Jeff and Etoy  resting tired feet and legs at San Marcelino

                                   Gerry cooling off at San Marcelino plaza

                                      Buying from the just arrived fishermen;  but the fish vendors price prevailed

                                           Fresh pusit, was going to be our lunch

                                  Yellow fin tuna

                                        Kababayan ni Gerry sa Gen San - tuna

                                            Gerry and Angel with catch of the day

                                Gerry preparing the tuna kinilaw

                                        Empi and tuna kinilaw go well together

                               At Ate Violy of Jeff place;  we had coffee and shampooed our hair

                                     The four riders and husband or Violy - Arnel

                                          Early lunch and merienda at Dinalupihan

                                     Angel inspecting his bike in resto in Dinalupihan

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