Thursday, November 5, 2015

Recovery ride part 2 today November 5, 2015 up to Pililla Pisong Kape

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 5, 2015

I rode out late today at 7:30 intending to bike only up to Morong Rizal.

I saw a large legged rider with a Pinarello bike whom I learned later was Papa Rom and he overtook me downhill from Montevideo,   I passe him going up the hill near the school (near Papa Rics place)  I did not see him for a while even as I slowed down at Callahan.

I saw that at about 8:20, Simples lugawan was closed all ready so I moved on but then near the DPWH DE2 office, a green jersey young biker from Baytown overtook me on a sprint, however at the hill crest he seemed to slow down, and there I sprinted and passed him.  No one was behind me up to km 55 and then the hell broke loose at km 57 and the troop consisting of Papa Rom and the young rider, probably having speed of 45 kph overtook me.

We had breakfast at Hacienda Pisong Kape and there I got to talk to Papa Rom who is from Cainta.  Later Smith and Pres Luis, and Edgar 7 days came too. We ate and rode back.  Well they allowed me to lead the pack until Morong where they took charge up to bukuhan just past the boundary of Morong.  He had some white puto (they prefer the white but with an a) and then tinusok ng tinidor.  Smith paid for the puto.

Then he decided we would ride up the Cardona diversion.   I was ahead for a while and then Smith and Luis took over;   Edgar was following me. Smith had 34 x 28.  On the last ascent before the Crystal Subd they took shelter and slowed down and then I sprinted up the hill. where I was ahead the  until main highway.   Smith and Luis overtook me.

I chased Smith and passed me and nearly caught up with Luis until the last bend..  I caught up with Luis down hill until the Y in Binangonan, and then they took over.  We sprinted up Island gas probably doing nearly 45 kph.

We were home at almost twelve

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