Monday, November 2, 2015

How did I do in the San Felipe ride last October 30 to November 1, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 2, 2015

                                        At ASSCOM MP in Apalit

                                         At McDo in SFDO waiting for Etoy Mariposa

                                      At San Felipe bridge

Well I finished one way 195 km and made it back to San Fernando yesterday covering all ready 100+ km on the way back.  But since I did the hardest part of the ride, I decided since it was warm and puffed my self out riding the peloton from San Felipe up to Olongapo, I decided to take the bus, ie Genesis up to Cubao on day 3.  I think I did  330 km since I still had to bike from Cubao to home

On day I, I sometimes led with Jeff from San Fernando up to Lubao Even Netoy passed me in Lubao.

I was the No 3 guy going up to Subic.

I caught up with Etoy when he passed me in Subic and Castillejos due to traffic.

I kept up with Angel sprinting up to intersection of San Felipe doing as much as 40 km/h.

I led the peloton from San Marcelin after catching up with them up to Subic.  I think we made it in record time so that traffic will not be heavy as we pass it.

It was unfortunate though that some riders made remarks to the effect that I am competing with them.  Why are you lagging behind the climbs?  Well I lagged in the two climbs to  Gapo because there were other climb pa as in  Subic.  I wanted to reach the destination without injury and with plenty to spare.  On the way back I tried to test the competitor on the flat, hovering with him for a while, to make sure he pedals faster, and then passing and dropping him.  I made sure that everybody, on the last day understands my ability.  Going up Subic again using fast pedal rate, no one passed me up to the cemetery.

Having led the peloton and pedalling at speeds of 30 to 40 kph for nearly 50 km for over 1.5 hours meant a different energy system and endurance level for me.  The regular sprint, internal training paid off, and the bike that allowed me to do fast pedalling rate

I think I did great.  Congrats to  me.

                                      At San Felipe beach

                                    Dipping at  San Felipe waters, clear water

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