Monday, November 9, 2015

Epic Journey around the Philippines 7500 km 85 days, average of 130 km per day

Wheels of Happiness

Tour de Filipinas

Cycle touring in the Philippines

tour de filipinas

It is a dream come true if we ever come close to that.  We can only do 100 km on weekend for a long ride.  Maybe I can do 1,000 km.  I was nearly able to do 400 km in 3 days,  biking to San Felipe.

The two hardy bikers are Batanguenos Andeng Castillo and Lea Latayan

More training though I think is needed and more logistics.   Manila to Gensan would be ok for me

The allure for more adventure, more discovery using bikes is growing to be more tantalizing.  My neighbor Molong has encourage me to join him in Mindoro tour.  I could not catch him again though

Boy washing. Everything happens on the street here. Makati, Manila

Kids, Makati, Manila.

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