Thursday, November 26, 2015

Keeping up with the Jays

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines, November 26  2015

Today I biked to OL at Bugarin.  On the way to OL from Lagundi, somebody passed me and I chased him.  I found out that his name is Joey from Fairview, QC.   He was on 39 x 14 while was at 44 x 15.  I was not left behind, and even left him from km 55 up to 57, and after Biak na bato at the last right hand bend.

On the way back, I chanced another biker.  He left me after ascending Biak na bato.  Again, another chase and he held back as we descended to the Pililla municipal hall.  Then we got side by side and later learned that his name is Jay Vergara, from Marikina, a student, only 18 years old.  He said he is a climber and does not do well in sprint.  He said he placed 10th in a TT from Pililla to mun hall and back, race. Again up to Morong, we paced together.  He even said I was doing 35 when I tried to leave him from the Baras Tanay hill..

So there you are two Jays:   Joey and Jay.

Oh I nearly forgot,  Aries from BCC was accompanying two young riders and they overtook me at Morong market. I chased them again and kept abreast until they turned right to the diversion.  By that time I was short of breath and peeled off.

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