Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hard and long ride yesterday November 30, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal, Philippines
December 1, 2015

Christmas is just around the corner.  Merry Christmas

Yesterday, I rode to Jalajala, a distance of nearly 90 km, returned via Cardona diversion with only 34 x25 gears, and did at least 10 sprints including the early part of the ride where this post tried to outride Richard at Cardona (near Queen Mary Hospital and Namay in Morong)

Couple that with very warm conditions.  And you could just imagine why the rest of the afternoon, I was dead tired and asleep.

I could say that I improved a lot with my riding by the at least 3x a week ride, sprinting and interval training suggested by Pablo tsinelas. It is not about the bike but about the rider (although I rode the Fuji carbon yesterday - one of the rare occasions I did)

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